Benefits of Automation to Assist in Growth of Automatic Evisceration System Market

The automatic evisceration system market is expecting to record substantial growth during the forecast period of 2019-2029 with the rising threat of COVID-19 being the prime concern. The spread of zoonotic diseases has become a grave problem and the hygiene of animal meat has become a significant aspect across the world. This is because the novel coronavirus is said to have originated from the Wuhan wet market, a place selling fresh meat. Hence, maintaining the hygiene standards of poultry and meat is of utmost importance. The automatic evisceration system adds an extra layer of hygiene, eventually increasing the safe consumption standards of chicken.

Hygiene Forming the Crux of Automatic Evisceration System Market Growth

The automatic evisceration system market is predicted to bank mostly on hygiene as COVID-19 has made safety and hygiene a part of everyday life. Safe meat consumption has become a top priority among the global populace. The automatic evisceration system has features like open gliding block, easy exchange unit assemblies, integrated cleaning nozzles, and a diamond-shape frame specifically designed for facilitating drip-off. These features make it the best option for chicken processing. Also, other features like inside-outside washers assure complete safety of the chicken. The process involves washing the bird through water jets on the outside and washing of the bird through water nozzles on the inside. This process decreases the danger of bacteria and debris on the inner as well as the outer surface. Thus, these aspects act as growth generators for the automatic evisceration system market.

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The COVID-19 outbreak is leading to many of the processes being automated due to stringent physical distancing norms. Less human contact assures less transmission. Therefore, this factor will also bring tremendous growth to the automatic evisceration system market.

Expansion of Production Capacity

Automatic evisceration system technology has the potential to increase production capacity as compared to manual processing. The automatic evisceration system can process between 4000 to 600 birds in an hour. Therefore, this factor can greatly benefit the automatic evisceration system market.

The use of advanced giblet harvesting systems also leads to maximum yield as well as the automatic separation of edible organs, gentle product handling, and high recovery, eventually leading to positive growth influence on the automatic evisceration system market.
Technologies such as strong vacuum pressure for preventing cross-contamination as well as advanced final inspection technologies also lead to good growth generation across the automatic evisceration system. Automatic cut-up systems on overhead conveyors enable cutting modules to be sited at any point on the conveyor. This aspect helps in ensuring optimum layout flexibility.

Greater accuracy enhancements in the automatic cut-up process are also ensuring good growth outcomes for the automatic evisceration system market. Innovations such as electronic carcass tracking and selective carcass cutting modules according to the orders received by the processing plants by the consumers are also spinning a strong web of growth for the automatic evisceration system market.

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Accurate Grading Systems Leading Growth Engine Of Automatic Evisceration System Market

Providing superior quality meat is one of the important components of automatic evisceration systems. For this, bird’s eye supervision is the need of the hour. With technology, it has been possible to inculcate computer-controlled vision systems for accurate grading of the products. Stringent checks for unfit carcasses are thoroughly done through these systems.

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