Study coins New Chemogenetic Actuator for Rapid Control of Neural activity

In neuroscience, chemogenetics is a fairly new area. The field investigates the use of selective ligands and synthetically derived receptors for temporary activation or deactivation of specific brain areas. Also known as Designer Receptors Exclusively Activated by Designer Drugs (DREADDS) – these receptors now find wide use in neuroscience and biology to modify neural activity and behavior temporarily.

Meanwhile, clozapine-N-oxide (CNO) is the most commonly used chemogenetic actuator so far used in DREADD implementation. While the actuator has served to be sometimes valuable in neuroscience studies, it has a number of drawbacks and limitations. This includes slow action and possible side-effects associated with its back-metabolism into clozapine. Clozapine is another actuator that has been extensive off-target effects.

For this, researchers at University of North Carolina and the National Institute of Radiological Sciences have recently introduced a new chemogenetic actuator – deschloroclozapine. The new chemogenetic actuator acts rapidly, and possesses high-affinity, brain penetrable, is selective, and metabolically stable.

The new actuator is presented in a paper published in Nature Neuroscience. This new actuator could eventually be used to induce reversible changes rapidly in the working memory and behavior of animals and even humans.

“The researchers investigated the selectivity and rapidness of deschloroclozapine action,” said one of the researchers who led the study. The team first administered radiolabelled DCZ to animals to express DREADDS locally within the brain, and further examined them with positron emission tomography.

The new chemogenetic actuator tested on both mice and monkeys. Thereafter, the neural activity of both animals recorded after DCZ injections employing two techniques: electrophysiology for monkeys and two-photon calcium imaging for mice.

The administered DCZ rapidly entered into the brain of the animals, selectively binding and occupying DREADDs.

Cargo Moisture Control Products Market Finds Remarkable Demand Avenues from Shipping Industry

The global cargo moisture control products market is growing on the back of worldwide thriving shipping industry. The market for cargo moisture control products is experiencing stupendous demand avenues on the back of their growing use in medical and pharmaceutical, electronic products, dried food products, and other cargo products.

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Cargo moisture control products find application in absorption and moisture control of various types of containers. These products use mainly two moisture control mechanisms, namely, absorption and temperature control. There are different types of cargo moisture control products such as silica gel desiccant, clay desiccant, calcium oxide desiccant, desiccant blanket, desiccant pads, insulators, vents, and electronic dehumidifiers.

The cargo moisture control products market is experiencing promising growth opportunities owing to plethora of reasons. Beneficial trade policies, economic growth, and bilateral trade agreement are driving the growth of shipping industry. This factor, in turn, is positively impacting on the growth of the market for cargo moisture control products.

In recent years, there is remarkable growth in the shipments of medical and healthcare products in worldwide locations. This aside, consistently changing weather conditions is one of the key factors stimulating the demand opportunities for vendors working in the global cargo moisture control products market.

Increasing Demand from South Asia and East Asia Boosts Market Growth

The global cargo moisture control products market is witnessing remarkable demand avenues in South Asia and East Asia. One of the key reasons for this growth is the presence of considerable number of companies engaged in the manufacturing sector. In recent period, various countries such as India and China are focused on increasing their export activities. This factor is working as a key driver for the cargo moisture control products market in these regions.

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GMP Cell Banking Services Gain Momentum among Stem Cell Research Institutes Due to Cost-effectiveness and Quality They Offer

The global GMP cell banking services marketis expected to gain stupendous demand avenues in the forthcoming years. This growth is attributed to increasing demand for GMP Cell banking services from the enterprises engaged in the pharmaceutical and stem cell research industries. Cell banks use a conventional technique named cryopreservation to keep the cells materials preserved. At the same time, cell banks also prevent the natural cell division process; thereby improve the shelf life of products preserved in the cell banks.

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One of the important factors owing to which GMP cell banking services are gaining momentum among scientists and research institutes is the cost-effectiveness of these services. In recent years, there is remarkable growth in the use of GMP cell banking services among gamut of research institutes from all across the world. This scenario depicts that the vendors working in the global GMP cell banking services market will witness stupendous demand opportunities in the forthcoming period.

Government Bodies Increase Flow of Funding to Discover Treatment Options for Rare Diseases

In recent years, there is noteworthy increase in the number of people living with various rare diseases. This situation has compelled scientists working in all worldwide locations to focus on the discovery of novel options to treat these health issues. To accelerate these research activities, government bodies of many countries from all over the world are financially supporting these research projects. This factor is positively impacting on the development of the global GMP cell banking services market.

On regional front, players working in the GMP cell banking services market are projected to gain fantastic development opportunities in North America and Asia Pacific.  Presence of substantial mammalian cell is said to be one of the key reasons driving the growth of GMP cell banking services market in North America.

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Efforts to harness Solar Energy for Electricity needs benefits Solar Battery Market

The rising development of solar energy to meet incessantly growing energy needs is primarily fuelling the solar battery market. Rising concerns of emissions of fossil fuels, and their adverse impact on the environment are increasingly pushing the development of renewable sources of energy.

Abundance of solar energy, and relatively easy technique of development of solar energy supports demand for equipment for solar energy production and storage. This includes solar battery. Solar batteries are used to store electricity generated from solar energy. The device converts DC power into AC power for later use.

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Favorable government regulations and availability of subsidies for development of renewable energy has aroused the interest of public and private agencies to participate in these initiatives. Solar energy, wind energy, and hydro energy are some renewable energy initiatives that enjoy government benefits for their development.

The vast applications of solar energy with technological advances in end-use industries augurs well for the growth of solar battery market. Space research, telecom, automobile, and power sector are some end users of solar energy that indirectly stoke demand for solar batteries.

Amidst COVID-19, Disruption of Supply Chains hampers Growth in Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific accounts for significant revenue in the solar battery market. Presence of large solar battery manufacturing units in China, and increasing commitment of nations in the region to use solar energy are crucial factors behind growth of solar battery market in the region. However, the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic has impacted growth of the solar battery market in the region. Disruption of production cycles, unavailability of components due to disruption in supply chain, and large inventory of finished products are some factors that have hampered the solar battery market over the past few months. Impact on R&D due to restrictions on field testing to comply with social distancing orders has further slowed the solar battery market in the region.

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