Scientists use diamonds to produce improved electron accelerator beams

For mechanical applications, beam-driven wakefield acceleration techniques are promising for future large-scale machines. This includes electron lasers free of X-ray and linear colliders, as they feature the potential to reduce operation cost and improve efficiency.

To drive the improvement in efficiency, one of the key factors is manipulating temporal distribution of beams of electrons. To attain this, for the past few decades, researchers have examined a number of different mechanisms that successfully generate temporally shaped electron beams. In addition, these electron beams are of varied quality with varying limitations.

Meanwhile, a new study carried out at the Argonne and Los Alamos national laboratories, U.S. Department of Energy, scientists employed a phenomenon called field emission. This is to explore how the use of arrays of tiny diamond tips work to produce what scientists hoped would be transversely shaped electron beam. In the next step, the beam is sent into an emittance exchange beamline to transform the transverse distribution into the temporal one.

“Theoretically, by the law of probability, field emission functions by decreasing the quantum barriers that electrons can occasionally pass through. This means, if these fields are applied, a brick wall can be changed into a drywall – the latter being much easier to pass,” said one of the authors of the study.

Earlier, other methods to produce electrons involved either thermionic cathodes or photoelectric cathodes. The former uses hot filaments comparable to the ones used in incandescent light bulbs to eject electrons from a solid. On the other hand, photoelectric cathodes use ultrashort laser pulses for electrons to jump out loose.

In fact, serving as an advantage, field emission cathodes neither require heat source nor expensive laser setup.

Growing Use of Gaming Simulator for Commercial Purposes Drives Demand Avenues for Market Players: TMRR

While the initial purpose of gaming was entertainment, the extensive advancements in the sector of gaming have resulted into remarkable growth in the use of gaming for commercial purposes. This scenario depicts that the vendors working in the global gaming simulator market hold prodigious expansion opportunities during the forthcoming years.

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Gaming simulators are created for various games types including fighting, racing, and shooting. In recent period, there is prominent growth in the demand for simulator games as they offer a real-life experience to the end-user. Apart from this, these simulators help in dealing with depression and work as stress busters. These factors are generating promising expansion avenues for vendors in the global gaming simulator market.

The market for gaming simulator is likely to experience lucrative avenues in the North America region. This growth of North America gaming simulator market can be attributed to increased adoption of advanced technologies together with improved spending power of major population living in this region.

Increased Use of Gaming for Testing and Training Purposes Drives Sales Opportunities in Gaming Simulator Market

Owing to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, many outdoor games organizers are inclined toward arranging various e-tournaments. This factor is working in favor of the global gaming simulator market. Apart from this, several companies across the globe are using gaming simulators for testing and training purposes. Owing to this factor, the vendors working in the global gaming simulator market are experiencing high demand opportunities.

Market Players Focus on New Product Launches

The global gaming simulator market experiences presence of many active players. As a result, the market players are experiencing intense competition levels. To gain competitive edge, players in the global market for gaming simulator are employing diverse tactics. Several enterprises are increasing investments in research and development activities. This strategy is helping them in launching advanced products. This scenario projects that the global gaming simulator market will expand at moderate pace in the years ahead.

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Increased Research Activities in Healthcare Sector Fuel Expansion of Virtual Clinical Trials Market

Majority of medical healthcare professionals from all across the worlds are growing focus toward the inclusion of technological advancements in order to improve the care services they provide to patients. Growing popularity of virtual clinical trials among healthcare research and medical organizations from all across the globe is one of the key factors fueling the expansion of the global virtual clinical trials market.

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Generally, biomedical interventions performed across a team of populace are critical to analyze during limited period of time. Owing to this factor, several research entities are inclined toward the use of virtual surveys methods in clinical trials for suitable research activities. Owing to this scenario, the global virtual clinical trials market is expected to gain promising expansion avenues in the upcoming few years.

Growing Importance of Clinical Trials Boosts Market Demand

Virtual clinical trials have completely different nature as compared to conventional clinical trials. Though this concept is new for research institutes, the advanced tool of virtual clinical trials is gathering impetus owing to its ability to reinforce the domain of vaccine development, medical research, and drug analysis. The key focus of the medical and healthcare industries is on advancing medical outcomes related to vaccine development, disease management, and drug dosage. And clinical trials play key role in all these activities. Owing to this factor, the global virtual clinical trials market is expected to show growth at decent pace in the years to come.

In recent times, virtual clinical trials are gaining immense impetus owing to the relevance of various social engagement platforms. This aside, many organizations working in the medical as well as healthcare sector are growing focus toward acceptance of data gathered from various online surveys. This scenario is creating prominent demand opportunities for vendors working in the virtual clinical trials market.

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Rise in Demand from Lubricants and Oil Industries Drive Pace of Commercialization of Disodium Sebacate Market Products

Disodium Sebacate (DSS) market has garnered revenue growth on the back of utilization of this derivative of castor oil in lubricant industry. DSS is also popularly used in making cosmetics and detergents manufacturing. For lubricants, it acts as a corrosion inhibitor. Further, the growing use of DSS among oil refiners world over is boosting the DSS market. Rising production of DSS to meet the globally rising demand from numerous end-use industries is accelerating the pace of commercialization for products in the DSS market.

Another key application area that is also emerging in the DSS market is the demand coming from the aerospace industry, where DSS is used as a coolant. Growing technical-grade production of DSS is expanding the revenue potential in the DSS market.

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Players Focus on Consolidating Supply Chain Networks

However, the instability of supply chain is a key challenge for players. This is because the fluctuation of raw material prices also has created a significant impediment for chemical companies in the Disodium Sebacate (DSS) market. Further, the sparse solubility of DSS has hindered its applications. On the other hand, there has been rapidly rising demand for DSS in the personal care and cosmetics industry.

A growing number of players are aiming at backward and forward integration strategies with an aim to consolidate their supply chain. Also, producers are striving to meet the wide cross-section of demand, especially those coming from metal manufacturing where lubricants play a crucial role. Rise in production of grease and lubricants in developing economies of the world has spurred the industrial sales of DSS. Chemical companies, especially those targeting cost-sensitive markets, are keen on coming out with cost-effective formulations.

Geographically, Europe and North America have been remarkably lucrative markets. On the other hand, Asia Pacific has seen the rise in volume of exports in countries such as India, China, and Japan. The consumption volumes in the region is also expected to rise substantially.

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