Optical Sorting Market | Growing demand for IOT-based devices and smart systems drive the market

Optical sorting is used for analyzing products with the help of optical technologies and are extensively used in processing industries. The key technologies used include cameras, lighting, AI and machine learning software, and sensors. Over the years, the optical sorting market has been witnessing vast prospects in food industry to ensure stringent implementation of food safety and quality requirements. The key objective is to maximise product quality and yields.

Some of the key applications are in seed germination and yields and in meeting food safety requirements in beverages. A case in point is need for advanced sorting technologies for tea leaves from foreign materials and unwanted flakes. Beverages industry has been increasingly adopting optical sorting technologies with significant success.

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Advances in Imaging Technologies Bolster Market Growth

Over the years, seed germination and yields have been of key concern among agriculturists, such as for bean, lentils, and grams. Developed regions have stringent regulations pertaining to food safety for ensuring a good degree of standardization and consumer safety. Thus, international regulations pertaining to exports and imports have also been instrumental spurring the momentum of the optical sorting technologies. As a result, there is a consistent pressure on advancing the sorting technologies, such as equipping the system with state-of-the art sensors and imaging technologies. Such trends also shape the growth dynamics of the market during the forecast period.

North America and Asia Pacific are highly lucrative regional markets. The increasing trend of industrial automation in developed as well developing economies of the regions make these potentially attractive markets for manufacturers and vendors in the optical sorting market. Rise in investments in food and beverages processing industries has also boosted the growth prospects in Asia Pacific for players in the optical sorting market. 

Some of the key players in the optical sorting market are Allgaier Werke GmbH, Buhler AG, Raytec Vision SpA, Pellenc ST, Steinert GmbH, and Satake Corporation.

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Servo Motors and Drives Market | Latest Innovations in the Market

Servo motors and drives are gathering traction in automation. They are used extensively in conveyor belts, robotics, and camera focus. Advancements in servomechanism have allowed manufacturers of servo motors and drives to improve the precision of the technologies.

Growing number of automation processes in manufacturing semiconductors is one of the key trends shaping consumer propositions in the servo motors and drives market. These are used in synchronizing motion control in semiconductor manufacturing processes. Over the years, various products have seen a high pace of commercialization in other industrial and manufacturing sectors. A growing numbers of specialists in energy management and automation are leaning on expanding their product portfolio to meet the industrial demand in the market. A case in point is the product line of Schneider Electric SE.

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Top Players to Customize Their Offering; Automotive Key Industry

The differing power requirements of end-use applications has led players in the servo motors and drives to customize their offering. A growing number of players are focusing on versatility to meet the demand in numerous applications that need varying motor characteristic. The advent of converged internet-of-things technologies in manufacturing sectors has paved way to a new avenue, expanding the canvas for manufacturers and sellers. Further, advancements in regard to electronics components is also one of the contours of product innovation in the market. The focus on using motors that can optimize the use of energy has also led to constant improvisations. The increasing trend of manufacturing industries over the years in some of the developing economies is a key trend in the market.

Some of the prominent markets for servo motors and drives are China, France, the U.K., GCC, and India. Among the various key industries, a remarkably lucrative avenue is the automotive industry. Extensive utilization of motors in automotives is a key factor for the sizable demand in the industry.

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Solid-state Transformers Market | Demand for Solid-State Transformers is High in Asia Pacific

Solid-state transformers are likely to emerge as crucial technology for modern power distribution systems. These are akin to power semiconductors, and show potential in modernizing and harmonizing alternating current (AC) and DC electrical networks. A key trend in the solid-state transformers market stems from the growing share of renewable energy in the overall energy mix. Rapidly spiralling interest in modernizing the grid with more renewable energy sources is expected to spur industry’s interest in solid-state transformers. In these modernization initiatives, passive low frequency transformers are being replaced in wide range of transformer applications.

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The feasibility of solid-state transformers and their economic viability are still open to debate. For instance, a body of research confirms that they can’t be a suitable alternative to phase shifting transformers. However, two trends turn the tide toward the research and development avenues in the solid-state transformers market. These are steadily declining costs and growing use of high performance low-voltage (LV) semiconductor devices in enterprise and commercial applications. A major technological advancement benefitting manufacturers of such transformers is the advent of high-performing magnetic materials. Further, several new features that these transformers are equipped with, make these economically and technologically possible to pursue this as research interest. An example of recent relevance is communication

(COMM) port.

Modernizing of Power Distribution Networks Key Trend

A prominently rising trend attracting investments by governments and utility providers in several countries is setting of smart grid infrastructure. Smart grids form a key application area for solid-state transformers. Over the past few months, the use of solid-state transformers in facilitating grid ancillary services is also gathering traction for utility companies. Modernizing of power distribution networks using solid-state transformers provide a vast avenue for electrical device manufacturers engaged in offering advanced transformer technology.

Some of the key players are ABB, General Electric Co., Alstom SA,   Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Siemens AG, Schneider Electric SE, and Cooper Power Systems.

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Researchers devise new method to eradicate leukemia at source

In cancer studies, a new method holds the potential to boost international research efforts to find drugs to eliminate cancer at its source.

The new method is described in a paper published in the journal Nature Communications.

Physiologically, most cancerous tissues consist rapidly dividing cells with limited capacity for self-renewal. This means the bulk of the cells stop reproducing after divisions a certain number of times. However, cancer stem cells can divide indefinitely to fuel long-term cancer growth and drives relapse too.

Meanwhile, conventional treatments such as chemotherapy is avoided for cancer stem cells. This is because for chemotherapy patients initially enter remission but soon leads to relapse. In fact, for patients of acute leukemia, the high probability of relapse implies less than 15% of elderly patients do not live longer than five years.

On the other hand, cancer stem cells are difficult to separate and undertake their study. This is because cancer stem cells are low in number and have similarity to other stem cells. This hampers international research for cancer stem cells to develop precision treatments that target to destroy malignant cells, and at the same time spare healthy cells.

A research initiative undertaken by a team of researchers at the Center for Genomic Regulation and the European Molecular Biology Laboratory have overcome this problem by creating a new method. Called MutSeq – the new method can be used to distinguish cancer stem cells based on their gene expression and genetics.

“In human physiology, RNA provides critical information for human health. For example, polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test to detect coronavirus examines its RNA to detect COVID-19. The subsequent sequencing of RNA can detect the virus variant, explains the author of the paper.”