Researchers develop New Useful Blood Oxygenation Sensor for Babies born prematurely

For premature babies, among a few things that requires close monitoring, brain oxygenation is possibly the most important one. Up to 50 percent of babies born prematurely suffer from brain damage to lead to neurological conditions.

In a medical effort for a solution to this, a wireless sensor that keeps track of the health of a baby’s brain in a simple, comfortable, and inexpensive manner has now been developed by researchers at Deft University of Technology.

New Device superior over existing ones

In fact, the monitoring of oxygen level in the brains of premature babies is possible. However, the devices that are used today are large and heavy, and are fitted with cords that babies can get caught in. Also, the machines are very expensive, and the sensors in the machines often hurt a baby’s soft skin when pulled off. Therefore, this makes for all the more reason to develop a better method to monitor oxygenation levels in the brain of a baby. This is exactly what researchers at deft University of Technology in collaboration with Lurie Children’s Hospital, Chicago and Northwestern University have carried out.

The researchers, in association with an electrical engineer and a doctor have developed a soft, bendable wireless sensor that can be connected to a baby’s scalp. Function-wise, data is transmitted wirelessly from the sensor to an app, which raises an alert when clinicians need to intervene. “The sensor performs two functions: monitor of regional tissue oxygenation level in the brain and monitor of arterial oxygenation levels in the body,” stated one of the researchers of Deft University of Technology. Thus, using the sensor, healthcare workers can obtain information about these two separate systems and about the interaction between them.

Growing Digitalization Worldwide Drives Sales Opportunities in Automated Passenger Counting and Information System Market: TMRR

Automated passenger counting and information system refers to an electronic machine that helps in keeping track of the number of passengers that alight or aboard a vehicle. These systems are gaining traction across the globe owing to their high efficiency and cost-effective nature. These tools help in reducing the expenses on appointing additional employees. On the backdrop of all these factors, the global automated passenger counting and information system market is estimated to show positive growth curve in the forthcoming years.

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Automatic passenger counting and information system is in high demand owing to its ability to offer accurate data as sensors in these systems are incorporated to notice ridership patterns. Thus, increased demand for smart telematic solutions and rising need to achieve fleet optimization are some of the key factors are resulting into the rapid expansion of the global automated passenger counting and information system market. In addition to this, the market for automated passenger counting and information system is estimated to break all growth records on the back of increased inclination among major worldwide population toward adopting digitalization.

North America: Lucrative Region for Market Expansion

The global automated passenger counting and information system market shows presence in many regions such as North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and rest of the world, which includes the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Of all these regions, the market for automated passenger counting and information system experiences promising growth opportunities in North America. One of the key reasons attributed to this growth is increased acceptance of digitalization in this region. Apart from this, the government initiatives to compel the installation of such systems is one of the important factors driving demand opportunities for the North America automated passenger counting and information system market.

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Global Welding Equipment Market to Expand as Industrial Repairs take a Fresh Course of Action

The demand within the global welding equipment market is rising at a noticeable pace in recent times. This projection can be attributed to the growing application of steel works across a range of industries. The use of welding works in leading industries such as iron and steel manufacturing, construction, industrial research, and other commercial sectors has given an impetus to market expansion. Furthermore, the presence of a seamless industrial sector that is constantly reinventing welding technologies has also aided market expansion. It is worthy to note that welding technologies cannot be substituted due to the high strength offered by welding materials. Other materials do not offer the same resistance and strength to the materials that are joined together.

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In this blog, TMR Research uncovers the leading trends operational in the global welding equipment market. The emergence of safe welding practices has created new avenues for growth within the market.

Economical Nature of Welding Works

The use of welding technologies helped industrial units in minimizing wear and tear of machinery. The industrial sector has largely reduced the impact of depreciation on its machinery through the use of welding equipment. This is an important consideration from the perspective of expansion across the global welding equipment market. Besides, the relevance of welding equipment in industrial manufacturing has also supported the growth of the global market.

Commercial Relevance of Welding Equipment

Commercial buildings and units that are equipped with metallic furniture have begun using welding equipment as a resilient part of their repair systems. The equipment helps these units in bypassing the cost of getting external repairs done, giving them a wider bar for saving on overhead expenses. This factor, coupled with the sound paying capacity of the commercial sector, has generated new pathways for growth across the global welding equipment market in recent years.

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Global Superfood Powders Market to Expand with Advancements in Medical and Healthcare Research

Superfood powders are powered with nutritional value, creating new opportunities for healthcare research. The nutritional value of these powders has been researchers for several years, and various medical analysts have pointed to the health benefits of these powders. It is worthwhile to note that superfood powders are making a mark in the medical and healthcare industries in recent times. The research sector is an investment-rich arena that has supported the growth of several key markets. Therefore, revenues floating in the global medical research industry are projected to trickle down to the global superfood powders market. Therefore, it is safe to expect that the global superfood powders market would grow in size and revenues in the times to follow.

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This blog by TMR Research sheds light on the prominent drivers of demand within the global superfood powders market. It is worthwhile to note that superfoods powders are procured and processed from ground leaves, giving them a seal of credibility in terms of nutritional value.

Role of Superfoods in Healthcare Research

The healthcare benefits served by superfoods have been at the forefront of growth and advancement within the global market. Medical research related to the healing properties of superfoods is constantly underway, and this is an important dynamic of market growth and expansion. Furthermore, the easy availability of superfood powders in the healthcare market has also aided market expansion.

Focus on Following Balanced Diets

The rising inclination of men and women towards following balanced diets has given an impetus to market growth. Superfood powders are also consumed by sportspersons as a regular and natural means of energy and nutrition. The availability of food supplements blended with superfood powders has created a stir across the market. Besides, the antioxidizing properties and vitamin-rich nature of superfoods has also aided the growth of the global superfood powders market. 

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