Researchers devise supply chain model to support hydrogen economy

Over the past decades, in the bid to develop a carbon free energy, the interest in hydrogen as an environmentally clean fuel is increasingly gaining attention. However, to shift the economy from fossil fuels to clean burning fuels such as hydrogen, this will require significant change in current supply chain models.

“Meanwhile, to get it started, flexible scheduling for trucks and pipelines is proposed, which allows them to be used for both storage and transmission,” stated the lead author of a paper titled Transactions on Sustainable Energy published in the IEEE. Importantly, this has significance for green hydrogen generated from intermittent renewables, because it can provide extra flexibility for variation in demand and supply chains.

In fact, hydrogen is widely recognized as a viable fuel to decarbonize several sectors of the economy. This is because it can pack more energy by weight than natural gas or gasoline, and at the same time generates zero emissions when used as a source of energy. However, on the downside, generating hydrogen can cause significant emissions.

According to data of the U.S. Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, today, 95 percent of the hydrogen that is generated is via steam methane reforming – an energy intensive process wherein methane reacts with water to generate hydrogen and carbon monoxide. In the second part of the process, steam is added to the cooled gas to convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and generate more hydrogen.

Using this process, globally, hydrogen production accounts for about 4 percent CO2 emissions.  This number is anticipated to rise significantly if the use of hydrogen as fuel increases for electric vehicles and industrial processes such as ammonia production and steel refining.

Sepsis Diagnostics Market | Existing and Future Insights in Growth

Rising prevalence of sepsis is driving the demand in global sepsis diagnostics market for the past few years. Sepsis is a life threatening medical condition that is caused by patients’ bodies’ response to an infection. Rising popularity of anti-microbial and safe bacterial stains along with high frequency of patients accessing emergency clinics are key drivers for the growing global sepsis diagnostics market. Other motivators for global sepsis diagnostics market include growing geriatric and elderly population and growth in the quantity of product endorsements for finding sepsis. However, usage of standard conventions while assembling of anti-microbial drugs and lack of awareness about the sepsis and its therapies in certain groups of population can impede the growth of global sepsis diagnostics market in coming years. Other restraints or obstacles that may be faced by the players operating in global sepsis diagnostics market are lack in the availability of skilled professionals and medical experts who can diagnose sepsis.

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North America Dominates Sepsis Diagnostics Market, Asia Pacific Poised to Witness Growth

North America dominates global sepsis diagnostics market owing to the presence of advanced medical therapies and well-established and technologically strong medical infrastructure in the region. Other drivers for North America sepsis diagnostics market include rising awareness regarding sepsis amongst regional population and supportive initiatives from the governments in the region, such as attractive reimbursement policies. Another region poised to gain a steady growth in global sepsis diagnostics market is Asia Pacific. Asia Pacific sepsis diagnostics market is anticipated to attract significant momentum owing to rising patient awareness regarding sepsis and its treatment solutions and improving healthcare infrastructure and medical facilities in the region.

Some of the key players functional within global sepsis diagnostics market are Cepheid Inc., T2 Biosystems Inc., Bruker Corporation, Abbott Laboratories, bioMrieux SA, Trinity Biotech Plc., Nanosphere Inc., Thermo Scientific Inc., Beckman Coulter Inc., and Dickinson and Company. Players in global sepsis diagnostics market are focusing on consolidation and acquiring new technologies through acquisitions to gain a competitive edge.

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Portable Projector Market | Latest Trends and Cardinal Growth Prospects

Rising demand for portable and lightweight display units from educational and business institutions around the world is one of the major drivers for the growing global portable projector market. Increasing usage of 3D projections for simulations and training purposes in defense and aerospace industries is also expected to create attractive opportunities in the global portable projector market in coming years. Products in portable projector market find application in a diverse set of industry verticals, including but not limited to, aerospace, healthcare, defense, and consumer electronics. These devices are compatible with a host of smart and computational devices such as laptops, digital cameras, smart phones, and portable media players. The devices in global portable projector market can be classified based on the brightness they project. Measured in lumens, product categories in global portable projector market based on the brightness include below 500 lumens, 500 to 3000 lumens, and above 3000 lumens. Technologies used for developing products in the global portable projector market include digital light processing or DLP, liquid crystal on silicon or LCoS, and liquid crystal display or LCD.

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Players in the Portable Projector Market Focused on New Product Launches

Some of the major vendors in the global portable projector market include Philips N. V., LG Electronics Incorporation, Canon, HP, Kodak Limited, Xiomi, BenQ Corporation, Acer, Sony Corporation, Ricoh, Casio, Asus Corporation, Anker Corporation, and Panasonic. Manufacturers and players in global portable projector market are focusing on launching new products, upgrading their existing product portfolio and offerings, and joint ventures as key strategies for expansion and gaining competitive edge. They are also working on enhancing the cross-platform interoperability of their products so they can project data coming from a variety of devices and operating systems, including devices such as PCs, laptops, tablets, and operating systems such as windows, mac OS, Linux, android, and iOS to expand their consumer base. For example, Philips has launched a new product in the global portable projector market that features a brightness of 170 lumens and can project images up to 120 inches diagonally. This new product in global portable projector market can be operated via windows computers, or android and iOS mobile devices.   

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Plaquenil Drugs Market | Know the prominent factors that will help in reshaping the market growth

Products in global plaquenil drugs market, Hydroxychloroquine, also known by the brand name of plaquenil, is an anti-rheumatic drug that modifies the disease in the body. It helps protect against the joint damage while easing the swelling and pain caused by arthritis. Prevalence of life threatening diseases such as corona virus and malaria have led to an increased demand in global plaquenil drugs market. Increasing concerns regarding risks of various autoimmune and infectious diseases has also contributed to the growing global plaquenil drugs market. On the other hand, various severe side effects caused by the plaquenil drug can impede the growth of the global plaquenil drugs market in coming years. These side effects include feeling sick, headaches, visual problems, damaging the internal part of human retina, skin rashes, diarrhea, and hair loss. Some of these side effects can prove to be long lasting or even permanent. This can affect the growth of global plaquenil drugs market in a negative way in near future.

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Asia Pacific Plaquenil Drugs Market Expected to Witness Robust Growth in Near Future

Some of the key vendors in global plaquenil drugs market are Cadila Healthcare Ltd, Ipca Laboratories Ltd, Novartis AG, Sanofi S. A., Teva Pharmaceuticals Industries, Zydus Cadila, Mylan N. V., and Pfizer Inc. Players in global plaquenil drugs market are focusing on expanding their product portfolio to meet the demand from diverse set of industries such as pharmaceutical, biomedical, animal healthcare and engaging in strategies to expand their consumer base and regional presence. For example, Cadila Healthcare Ltd internally restructured their firm and announced that they acquired approval for transferring their animal health care business to their independently owned firm ‘Zydus Animal Health and Investments Ltd.’ in March of 2020.

Rising geriatric population, high rate of new cases of arthritis, malaria, and corona virus, and rising demand for effective medication are some of the key factors responsible for the robust growth of Asia Pacific plaquenil drugs market in coming years. Presence of leading vendors in countries such as India and China is also another huge motivator for the global drugs plaquenil market in Asia Pacific region.

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