Filleting Machines Market to Expand Horizon of Growth with Technological Advancements at Forefront

The filleting machines market is steadily going through a revolution in terms of growth and is predicted to continue the same throughout the forecast period. The ingress of technological advancements may prove to be a growth generator for the filleting machines market. The rising demand for processed fish products is churning considerable growth. In addition, the growing demand for safe and hygienic fish consumption is also one of the leading factors that contribute to the growth of the filleting machines market.

The COVID-19 outbreak has pressed the need for raising the standard of hygiene. This factor may assure a consistent increase in the growth rate of the filleting machines market. Besides, a large chunk of the global populace is shifting toward the pescatarian lifestyle mainly due to the problems caused by meat consumption. Hence, this aspect may also prove to be a growth generator as it leads to increased demand for fish. The use of filleting machines in a variety of applications such as fish processing plants, supermarkets, restaurants, and others is also a plus point for the growth of the filleting machines market.

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Technology Emerging as Beneficial Aspect for Doubling the Growth Rate

Innovations are an inseparable part of the filleting machines market. Manufacturers in the filleting machines market are focusing more on research and development activities, leading to new technological advancements that aids in fulfilling the goal of efficient production armed with the assurance of safety. Manufacturers are coming up with software equipped in filleting machines. Such software can carry real-time monitoring and performance reporting of the filleting machine. Data is analyzed and stored in the software to enable the end user for optimizing the filleting process.

In 2016, Marel, a leading food processing systems manufacturer launched FleXict, a robotic fish filleter that makes use of X-ray bone detection to locate pin bones at an accuracy of 0.2mm. Then, with the help of software, it determines the right configuration and angle. Further, it makes use of water-jet cutting for bone removal and fillet portioning according to the specifications. The filleting machine can cut 50 fish per minute. This development highlights how the filleting machines market is being positively influenced by the influx of technologies such as robotics and X-ray.

Cutting-Edge Features Bringing Growth

With the help of state-of-the-art features, the filleting machines market may steadily climb the growth ladder during the forecast period. Key features like back and belly trimming tools, automatic size adjustment, unique cutting principles, easy cleaning access, and fully integrated electric panel and compressor with dryer may widen the growth perspectives of the filleting machines market.

Blades are the foundation of filleting machines. Significant improvements in blades with the introduction of modules like six-blade backbone removal system enable efficient fish processing. Some filleting machines also have servo blade adjustment. This allows dorsal blades to be adjusted based on individual fish measurements. Other systems such as the controlled rib system invite considerable growth to the filleting machines market.

Major players in the filleting machines market are KM Fish Machinery, Carnitech, Uni-Food Technic, Powertech, Grasselli, AGK Kronawitter GmbH, Sepamatic, Pisces Fish Machinery, Marel, BAADER, and Wolfkingtech.

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East Asia May Emerge as a Dominant Growth Region

Regionally, the filleting machines market is classified into East Asia, South Asia, the Middle East and Africa, Latin America, South Asia, and Europe. East Asia may bring a great growth rate for the filleting machines market during the forecast period. This is because of the growing food processing sector in the region. Developed regions like Europe and North America may also experience considerable growth due to rising consumer demand for safe and hygienic products in the region.

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