Increasing Investments in R&D Activities to Fuel Development of Global Immune Repertoire Sequencing Market

The sub-type of protein that is created by an organism’s immune system is known as an immune repertoire. Immune repertoire sequencing finds its application in biomarker discovery, asthma and allergy research, cancer immunotherapy, and infectious disease research. It also aids the researchers and scientists in understanding, as well as examining adaptive immune-mediated diseases. The global immune repertoire sequencing market is progressing exponentially due to the advancements in oncology research that are facilitating the growth of immunotherapies and biomarkers.

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The rise in prostate, bowel, lung, and breast cancer is creating a lucrative opportunity for the development of the global immune repertoire sequencing market. The key players in the market are engaging in the development of new products, which is facilitating the further growth of the global market. Additionally, researchers from various universities are working in understanding disease-related signs in the immune system of patients that are having an unusual chronic autoimmune disease known as Systemic Sclerosis with Pulmonary Hypertension (SSc-PAH). It disturbs the connective tissue and the initiatives taken regarding SSc-PAH are anticipated to positively influence the prospective progress of the market.

Some of the key insights about the global immune repertoire sequencing market are given below:

  • The global immune repertoire sequencing market has five key regions viz. Latin America, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, and Asia Pacific that provide us with a better understanding of its working dynamics. Currently, the market is expected to be dominated by the North America region owing to the presence of a large number of leading players that are adopting key strategies such as innovation and the use of advanced technology for operating in the market.
  • The leading players in the global market for immune repertoire sequencing are expected to witness strong competition in the coming years of the forecast period. Some of the leading brands in the global market include names such as Adaptive Biotechnologies, Pacific Biosciences, CD Genomics, Roche Holding AG, Juno Therapeutics, ArcherDX, Inc., Atreca, Inc., Thermo Fisher Scietific, and Illumina Inc. among others.

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