Benefits of Saving of Valuable Cost and Time drives adoption of electronic Markers for Telecommunication Installations

In the last decade, vast expansion of the telecommunication sector has led to enormous demand for electronic markers. Electronic markers are mostly permanent signs, and unlike surface markers do not get affected by surface changes. Electronic markers enable accurate location of crucial underground infrastructure such as conduit stubs, switches, fiber optic systems, splices, and pipe and cables. This helps utility crews of telecommunication companies to save considerable time and money to identify the location of all types of buried facilities.

Furthermore, integration of GPS devices with electronic markers underscores growth for electronic marker market. Integration of electronic makers with GPS devices assists to upload specific asset details to GIS mapping systems such as GPS co-ordinates with a detailed map of underground facilities.

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Electronic markers prevent unintended damage to infrastructure buried underground. The presence of electronic markers reduces risk of unintended damage to buried infrastructure during excavation.

Array of Features Significant for Utilities

Electronic markers feature a number of offerings. Electronic markers enable to permanently label, locate, and classify underground service fixtures in a unique way. Furthermore, electronic markers ensure the proper fitting of underground fixtures of utilities such as gas pipes, telephone cables or manholes, water pipes or valves, and enable essential buried resources to remain traceable for decades.

The electronic marker market receives stimulus from the growth of industrial sector. The continuous demand of power for functioning of industrial machinery puts forth demand for electronic markers. Electronic markers effectively save time of field teams to locate buried installations and facilities.

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At present, in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, the electronic markers market is facing growth impediments. Slowdown of the construction sector resulting in impaired surveillance activities is hampering demand for electronic markers. This, in, turn, is impeding the electronic markers market. Significant slowdown in spending in the first quarter of the year, as the crisis continues to serious after-effects on all sectors of the economy, is resulting in dampened growth of electronic marker market.