Researchers create robotic devices to understand hazardous environments in real-time

In a new development, a research team at the University of Texas, Dallas has developed an autonomous robotic array of devices. The array can be used for hazardous or difficult-to-reach sites to collect data and make surveys, thereby helping to obtain speedier insights than what humans can deliver.

“The robotic teams are composed of autonomous devices that collect data in air, water, and ground, stated one of the research associates involved in the research. Therefore, the group of robotic devices is seen to be ideally suited for hazardous environmental conditions and for holistic surveys of various ecosystems.

An autonomous team of robotic devices could undertake a survey and rapidly test the contents of air and water so that people could be kept away to prevent damage. In another context for this group of robotic devices, they could provide a general survey of environments, or they could look at situations such as hazardous algam blooms in water bodies.

Besides this, the team of robotic devices to find use for decision support in agriculture and infrastructure inspection in real-time.

Meanwhile, a recent demonstration for these robotic devices revealed that they can rapidly comprehend environments that they have never seen before. To establish the data-gathering capabilities of the robotic devices, the research team deployed the robots in a test run. The prototype of the robotic device can be a game-changing model for methods that are used for the survey of waterways, disaster sites, and extreme environments.

Importantly, the rapid acquisition of holistic data facilitates transparent, data- driven decisions coordinated by the robotic team members. Moreover, the approach enables rapid collection of data in real-time and for streamlining software updates for machines.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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