Increased Focus on Managing Pulmonary Health by Medical Practitioners to Aid Growth of Global High-Flow Nasal Cannula Market

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has brought oxygen supply pumps and cannulas under the spotlight of attention. Several medical conditions necessitate the use of high-flow cannulas to supply oxygen to the human lungs. Furthermore, proper oxygen supply is crucial to maintain the health of lungs, especially for geriatric groups. The healthcare industry has been making ardent efforts to develop technologies and devices that can minimize the impact of pulmonary disorders. Furthermore, medical researchers and professionals claim that management of pulmonary disorders can help in preventing several other co-morbidities in the long run. Henceforth, use of high-flow nasal cannula is a function of the seriousness of the medical industry in managing pulmonary disorders.

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This blog by TMR Research assesses several relevant trends that are driving sales across the global high-flow nasal cannula market. The importance of treating pulmonary infections within healthcare forms the basis of market growth.

Diminishing Use of Traditional Cannulas

The delivery oxygen into the lungs is a critical process that needs to be conducted with seamless precision. Traditional cannulas were found to reduce the inflow of oxygen due to leakage of oxygen through the cannula. Therefore, the need for high-flow nasal cannulas that ensure fast, seamless, and unperturbed delivery of oxygen was felt across the medical industry. Pulmonary health has become a primary concern for the healthcare industry, especially due to the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Respiratory Support Systems

The importance of developing sound respiratory support systems across a range of healthcare domains has aided market expansion. Several medical practitioners emphasize on the use of next-generation oxygen supply technologies to support feeble respiratory systems in geriatric age groups. Therefore, the use of high-flow nasal cannula amongst the older generation of masses has increased by a dramatic chase. Several healthcare entities are investing in developing seamless nasal cannulas in recent years.

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