Heightening Popularity of Autonomous and Electric Garbage Collection Trucks Inviting Great Growth Prospects for Garbage Collection Trucks Market

Having a good waste management system is of utmost importance for any country. Efficient garbage collection mechanisms are also necessary for the proper management of waste. Garbage collection trucks are a major component of garbage collection mechanisms and hence, the global garbage collection trucks market may witness considerable growth during the forecast period of 2019-2029.

Technological advancements are bringing expansive growth prospects for the garbage collection trucks market. The use of technology for better garbage collection has taken a front seat. Of all the technologies, autonomous trucks and electric garbage collection trucks are garnering considerable traction. Here’s how.

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Autonomous Garbage Collection Trucks

Big challenges require big solutions. The problem of waste disposal is grave across the globe. Autonomous and semi-autonomous garbage collection trucks are great to tackle this menace. Various truck manufacturers are introducing these technologies to eliminate human presence while collecting garbage to enable protection for the garbage collectors from certain viruses and infections present in garbage waste.

Fuso’s eCanter Sensor Collect is a classic instance. This garbage collection truck is electrically-powered and is equipped with a plethora of sensors, GPS, and LiDAR. The truck can be operated through a wireless Human Machine Interface (HMI). Such developments propel the efficiency of garbage collection trucks.

Electric Garbage Collection Trucks

Growing awareness about the use of electric vehicles around the world is leading the garbage collection mechanism to adopt this technology. The use of electric garbage collection trucks can help in reducing the carbon footprint and also cause less harm to the planet in terms of the environment.

Nikola, a zero-emissions vehicle production company recently bagged an order of 2500 battery-electric garbage trucks from Republic Services, a renowned garbage disposal company in the U.S. This development indicates the rising popularity of electric garbage collection trucks.

Some well-established players in the garbage collection truck market are The Autocar Company, Ceec Trucks Industry, and Labrie Enviroquip Group.

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