Cannabis to find use for relief from endometriosis, says study

The medical use of cannabis is now accepted in some parts of the world. Furthering this, cannabis is found to provide relief from chronic pain of endometriosis, according to some women desperately wanting relief from this pain. So much so, cannabis provided effective relief from the pain than prescribed medication or over-the-counter medication, reveals a new study.

In terms of numbers, of the 213 women surveyed for endometriosis symptoms who had used cannabis anytime – either prescribed or illicitly – almost 80 percent were current users.

In fact, the majority of individuals who stopped using cannabis was because of its illegal status or because of inability to find a regular supplier. The inefficacy of cannabis to control or ease the symptoms was not a reason for any women.

The study is authored by a team of researchers at the University of Otago. In fact, the researchers stressed that the purpose of the study was not to advocate the illicit use of cannabis. However, the team said it highlighted the lack of availability of effective medication, lack of access to health services and desperation of women living with chronic pain for effective medication.

Meanwhile, the study clearly reveals cannabis provides some relief or benefit for patients, with 98 percent of them not reporting any negative side effects.  

Besides this, a cross-sectional online survey of individuals who take cannabis for health-related conditions conducted between May and June 2019. A sub-group among these who self-identified endometriosis and treated themselves with cannabis is the second part of the paper.

“Also, at least for these patients, the current medical treatment or management of their conditions not met,” further suggests the paper.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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