Developing Innovative Products is Key for UV Curable Resin Market Players

The global market for UV curable resins is expected to achieve stellar valuation during the course of the given forecast period. As its end-use application sectors increase, the growth of the market will touch newer heights. The material is produced by the process of polymerization though the energy from UV devices. It is then used as a raw material in other processes such as coating, sealing, and bonding. It offers improved chemical resistance and also cuts down the curing time. This has thus made these UV curable resins as a popular choice in manufacturing coating.

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In recent years, there have several notable developments in the global UV curable resins market. Some of the notable developments are listed below:

  • DSM, a prominent brand in the global UV curable resins market announced that the company is teaming up with Nanjing Cosmos Chemical Co. DSM plans to expand its portfolio in associated filters.
  • Recently, Arkena announced that the company has launched new 3D printing solutions along with their specialty products.
  • In December 2016, BASF SE announced that the company is planning to expand their product portfolio. With this announcement, the company introduced five new standard proxy acrylates. These new acrylates are from the Laromer EA family. This product family is mainly used for the manufacturing of conventional printing inks and coatings.

All these developments highlight the major change of approach among the leading players in the global UV curable resins market. They are now more inclined towards developing new and innovative products that will cater to the evolving needs of the consumers.

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Some of the other key players in the global UV curable resins market include names such Hitachi Chemical, Jiangsu Litian Technology, Allnex Belgium, Jiangsu Sanmu Group, Eternal Materials, DSM AGI, Sartomer, Dymax, IGM, and Miwon Specialty Chemical among others.