Engineers Develop Drones to Herd Birds Away From Airspace

Although airplanes have improved significantly in terms of dealing with environment, the aviation industry is relentlessly looking for methods to further improve their safety measures. In the recent past, drones have emerged as a tool that can perform tasks remotely and efficiency, and the aviation industry may well be using them very soon as a method of herding birds away from the fly zones.

Engineers from Caltech have devised an algorithm that can enable controlling drones in a manner of shooing away flocks of birds within the airspace the study was released at the IEEE Transaction on Robotics recently.

Presently, the aviation industry emphasizes on keeping their environment inadequate for birds and losing the attraction by the means of trained falcons, although the technology has its limitations as well as costs significantly. Drones have proven their worth in managing the direction of travel of birds when they are herded away. The engineers have taught the drones to do the job autonomously, achieving this by teaching how birds flock, maintain formation, and their communication. The engineers extensively studied the interactions and dynamics of flocks and developed a mathematical algorithm that can sound herding autonomously.

The prototype has completed its tests near the field in Korea and it was observed that even a single drone is capable of flocking dozens of birds out of the fly zones. Although, the algorithm currently is limited to function for only a fixed number and size of birds, which means multiple drones may be require to counter bigger contingents.