Vast Demand in Paper and Pulp Industry Drives Diphenyl Sulfone Market

San Francisco, California, August 18, 2017: A recent market research report by TMR Research presents a detailed overview of the global market for diphenyl sulfone. The report, a comprehensive analysis of the present state of development of the market and its future growth prospects, is titled “Diphenyl Sulfone Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2017–2025.”

The chemical finds vast scope of usage across industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, paper and pulp, and polymer processing. The global market for the chemical is expected expand at a steady pace in the next few years owing to the rising demand across these industries. In the paper manufacturing industry, consumption of the chemical is expected to benefit from its use as a sensitizer in a large majority of thermal paper grades.

In the thriving pharmaceutical industry, the use of diphenyl sulfone is expected to remain momentous owing its use for the manufacture of a number of drugs for diseases such as leprosy and other kinds of skin diseases. Since a number of drugs for skin diseases are taken for the entire life of patients or in longer dosages, the overall consumption of diphenyl sulfone is expected to remain strong over the report’s forecast period.

From a geographical perspective, the report covers the market for diphenyl sulfone across regions such as Asia Pacific, North America, Latin America, Europe, and Middle East and Africa. Of these, the market in Asia Pacific is presently the dominant consumer of the chemical in the paper and pulp industry. Key industrial economies in the region, including India, China, and South Korea also present massive demand for diphenyl sulfone for use in the polymer processing and manufacture, chemical, and pharmaceutical sectors.

Numerous factors such as the increases disposable incomes, improved power of purchasing, and the rising population of an affluent middle class fuse together to fuel industrialization in emerging economies in Asia Pacific. This, in turn, is faring well for overall demand and consumption of diphenyl sulfone in the region, driving the global market. North America is another key consumer of the chemical, especially due to applications in the pharmaceutical and polymer processing sectors.

The report thoroughly covers the competitive landscape of the global diphenyl sulfone, profiling some of the promising companies operational in the global market for diphenyl sulfone. Along with detailed business profiles of these players, the report also covers data related to the overall development of the market in the recent years. Some of the leading companies operating in the global diphenyl sulfone market are Vertellus Specialties Inc., Merck Millipore, Southern Ionics, Indspec Chemical, Solvay, Olympic Chemical, Arichem LLC, and Calabrian.

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