Demand for Automation Testing Soaring from Quality Assurance Applications

San Francisco, California, July 05, 2017: TMR Research has published a new report titled, “Automation Testing Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 – 2025.” One of the key factors driving the growth of the global automation testing market is the fact that it improves the performance the testing software while also adding value to it. The constant need for updates and upgrades in both tools and software thanks to the growing use of mobile phones and other technologies will accelerate the demand for automation testing. The demand for automation testing is also expected to increase on account of the growing popularity of devops methodology in an enterprise IT framework. Automation testing is beneficial as it increases the return on investment. The growing demand for smartphones and other interconnected devices has benefited the automation testing market extensively.

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However, there are few factors which are anticipated to him for the growth of the global automation testing market. One of the key factors which is impacting the market in a negative manner is data privacy and protection mechanism. The lack of skilled professionals for experienced to work with advanced tools will also be a challenge. The growing need for selection and management of testing tools will impact the market negatively. Nevertheless, the consequences and Technology which are used for testing automation will work well for the market. Automated testing is also witnessing high demand from quality assurance applications. Introduction of smartest platforms is also used in the growth of the market.

On the basis of testing type, the market is segmented into functional and nonfunctional testing. in terms of service, this market is segmented into support and maintenance, advisory and consulting, Planning and development, and documentation and it raining.

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Key players operating within the global automation testing market have been profiled in the report. They are: Capgemini, Microsoft, IBM, CA Technologies, Micro Focus, Tricentis, SmartBear Software, Parasoft, Cigniti Technologies, Ranorex, and TestPlant

Automation Testing Market Regional Segment Analysis of 2025

Global Automation Testing Market: Overview

Automating processes to achieve greater efficiencies has been a long-standing trend among organizations who seek greater shares over their competitors. However, merely paying and adopting automation methods is not a full-proof plan in itself, as there will always be aspects that need regular testing. This need is a result of consistent updates in interconnected software, tools, and technologies, which organizations adopt overtime to achieve greater customer satisfaction, product quality, and successful deployment of services within short periods of time. And, this need has been stoking the demand in the global automation testing market, which has been projected to expand at a robust growth rate during the forecast period of 2017 to 2025.

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This automation testing market report is a comprehensive and figurative assessment of each and every segment that will be fruitful for the stockholders over the course of next ten years. Prepared by a group of technology market research analysts, the report aspires to aid as a business tool for its targeted audiences such as automation testing tool providers, test organizations, managed service providers (MSPs), quality assurance (QA) providers, consultancy firms, software developers, and governments. The report provides in-depth analysis of all drivers, restraints, and opportunities of the automation testing market, gauges the substantiality of the demand that will be coming from every important region and country, and profiles some of the leading companies of the testing industry to provide insights on the competitive landscape.

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Global Automation Testing Market: Drivers and Restraints

The radical manner in which smartphones and other interconnected devices have gone ubiquitous is the primary driver of the market for automation testing. Organizations are inclining towards intelligent automated methods and are depending on smart analytics to take critical decisions and counter business challenges better. The adoption of DevOps methodologies and agile software has mounted in the recent past as organizations aspire for complete application lifecycle and a framework that is commercially viable. Increasing return on investment (RoI) has been noticed and the market for automation testing is feeding off it.

On the other hand, the concerns pertaining to data security and privacy, strong lack of skilled and experienced professionals to work with advanced tools, and the need for selection and management of testing tools are some of the factors obstructing the automation testing market from attaining a higher growth rate.

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Global Automation Testing Market: Niche Opportunities

Advancement in technologies has paved way to smart test platforms that can observe and adapt on their own, and support multiple operating systems including Mac, Windows, and Linux as well as different browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Headless browsers. Scripts are now being written in different programming languages such as Python, Java, Ruby, PHP, and Perl, and testers are welcoming the flexibility to write complex scripts.

Based on testing type, the market for automation testing can be segmented into non-functional testing and functional testing. Testing type bifurcation of the market can be done into API testing, usability testing, compliance testing, compatibility testing, and security testing. Services categorization of the market can be into support and maintenance, planning and development, advisory and consulting, documentation and training, and others such as framework services, RoI analysis services, and assessment services.

Global Automation Testing Market: Competitive Landscape

Although there are a number of players venturing in this market, considerable chunk of shares remain consolidated within a handful of International players such as Capgemini, IBM, Microsoft, CA Technologies, Tricentis, Micro Focus, SmartBear Software, Cigniti Technologies, Parasoft, Ranorex, and TestPlant. These companies are focused on partnerships, collaborations, and agreements to hold onto their position of strength.