PlayStation 4 Sales Reaches Close to 60 Million

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has reached a new milestone, with nearly 60 million units sold across the globe since its launch in November 2013. As per Sony global game development head Shawn Layden, the pace of sales of PS4 has set a new record, life-to-date, leaving behind the all-time record holder PlayStation 2.

PlayStation VR Sales Tops 1 Million Mark

Last year, the company launched three new hardware – PlayStation 4 Pro, PlayStation VR, and a slimmer and sleeker version of the baseline – within 60 days. Among these, PlayStation VR boasts over one million units sold across the world. It sales as recorded on February 2017 were close to 900,000. Another variant, PlayStation 4 Pro has brought glory to the company. According to Layden, of every five PS4 sold, one is a PS4 Pro. The sales recorded by this hardware are way ahead of the company’s expectations given its $100 price premium and the nascence of the market for 4K television.

Incorrect Estimations Lead to Short Supply of PS4 Pro

The incorrect forecasting pertaining to the sales of PS4 Pro has put the company undersupply constraint and at the same time, has attracted rumors regarding the demise of the console. However, Sony has not revealed the exact number pertaining to the sales of PlayStation 4 Pro. The says that they are very happy with its sales in North America and Europe, where it has a lead of 2-to-1 and 3-to-1, respectively, over Xbox One.

Sony is anticipated to have some big announcements in its E3 2017 conference, which is taking place on June 12.