Yale Researchers Propose Three-Tier Model for Environment Sustainability

As an unconventional stance, the healthcare industry contributing towards aggravating climate change. A professor of anesthesiology at Yale School of Medicine made contestable claims about a public health emergency. He stated that the healthcare industry needs to apply principles of ‘Sustainability Science’.

Further, despite conscious efforts to mitigate dangerous emissions, the healthcare industry remains a major contributor to climate change. Also, healthcare is responsible for several greenhouse gas emissions.

Pupils from the Yale School of Medicine believe that waste management and prevention of pollution are key tenets of growth for the healthcare sector. Moreover, developing a robust mechanism for environmental sustainability is imperative. It will enable healthcare industry to improve patient safety and public health.

Developing Sustainable Models for Healthcare Operations

Researchers from Cassandra Thiel of New York University and University of British Columbia propose a solution. The researchers developed a three-tier model for environmental sustainability across the healthcare industry. This “green-print” plan touches on three most important areas viz. costs, safety, and quality. Further, the plan would require the collaboration of healthcare professionals, decision makers, stakeholders, and government authorities.

Healthcare Accounts for 10% Carbon Emissions in the U.S.

Operations of the US healthcare industry account for 10% total carbon emissions in the country. Furthermore, 9% of all greenhouses gases in the US comes from the healthcare sector. The rate of greenhouse emission in the US healthcare sector increased by 30% over 2006 and 2016. The collective volume of greenhouse gases emitted annually by the healthcare sectors of the US, Canada, England, and Australia is 748 million metric tons.

There is a pressing need for environmental reforms in the healthcare industry. The industry can play a pivotal role in reducing the environmental impact of harmful gases.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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