Wide Prevalence and Comorbidities of GERD drive Device Innovation

Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) devices market’s potential has expanded on the back of growing demand for a wide array of medications and surgical management of the digestive disorder. Among the various surgical options, laparoscopic magnetic sphincter augmentation has emerged as potentially attractive. However, given the invasiveness of the procedure, care providers and patients have highlighted a recurrent gap in the GERD devices market. In the backdrop, devices used for endoscopic anti-reflux therapies have gathered some steam for helping in reducing the prevalence of the GERD market.

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The wide prevalence aside, numerous risk factors for the GERD intensifies the need for surgical techniques that are effective as well as minimally invasive. A case in point is surgical fundoplication.

Device Makers Strive for Evidence-based and Minimally-Invasive Surgical Technology

Growing demand for evidence-based, incision-less surgical technology for managing GERD is a key factor likely to pave way to new, lucrative avenues in the GERD devices market. Laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication is no doubt the gold approach for managing GERD. Researchers are striving to develop new techniques based on fundoplication. These techniques should help in enhancing the value of magnetic sphincter augmentation (MSA) techniques by reducing its drawbacks.

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Despite the vast advances medical device makers have not been able to commercialize devices with significant morbidities. The most concerning of these is perhaps is erosion of the device into the esophagus. Making the patients aware of the procedure might help. Nonetheless, complete treatment response in the GERD devices market remain limited. Patients might benefit from the advent of anti-reflux surgical methods that promise permanent solution.

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