Wide Application Range in Automobile Sector Bolsters Growth of Gas Charger Market

Gas charger has wide range of application in automobile sector. It is primarily used for recycling, leak testing, recovery, vacuum, and for recharging an automobile. In addition, it is deployed for filtration purpose in recovery line to eliminate manual air purge from the refrigerant tank, remove moisture, and acidity.

Gas charger also facilitate fitness testing of a vehicle, which could be further categorized as  safe and convenient servicing and inspection of valves to facilitate quick. It is found very much reliable for self-diagnosis of vehicle.

Using dedicated gauge, gas chargers provide high pressure protection to the compressor. It aids to regulate inlet pressure inside the vehicle.

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Further, ongoing developments in the automotive fuel system and integration of on-board diagnostics are likely to bolster gas charger market in forthcoming years.

Gas charger market is primarily driven by expansion of the automobile market on the global level. Advancement in automobile has subsequently resulted in development of the gas chargers as well. Latest innovations in the has charger focusses on less connections, absorbent in vibration, excellent cooling and recycling features, improved crash integrity, less connections, robust permeability, and its versatile structure.

Owing to several development in the feature of gas charger, the global gas charger market is projected to exhibit substantial growth rate in coming years. Moreover, growing demand for sales of commercial vehicles due to emergence of various e-commerce based industries is anticipated to bolster gas charger market.

Advent of Electric Vehicles May Interfere with Growth Rate of Gas Charger Market

Gas charger has application only in fuel-powered automobiles. Meanwhile, advent of electric vehicles and growing adoption rate will most probably replace fuel-based vehicles. This, in turn, may downturn growth trajectory of the global gas charger market.

Also, increase in cost of base metal, which is aluminum, may inhibit development process of the gas charger market.

These factors pose severe challenge to growth of the global gas charger market in coming years.

Rising number of commercial vehicles run by diesel is presenting tremendous growth opportunities for growth of gas charger market. The vehicles offers various advantages over electric vehicles. Low cost, improved fuel efficiency, and cleaner energy source are some of the advantages to be listed.

This factor is likely to aid to sustain position of gas charger market in near future.

Lately, OEMs are shifting towards alternative fuel or CNG in vehicles including that of heavy commercial vehicles. The shift is attributed to stringent regulation against carbon emission. To stay in line, gas charger market has undergone certain changes. Adoption of TGDI (turbocharged gasoline direct injection) in gasoline vehicles is one the latest trend floating in the gas charger market.

Asia Pacific Gas Charger Market May Exhibit Progressive Growth Rate in Absence of COVID-19

Regional wide, Asia Pacific market is anticipated to exhibit progressive growth rate in coming years. The growth rate is attributed to increasing demand for automobiles in several countries across the region. Also, the region is dominated by some of the key market players such as Honda, Hyundai, and Toyota.

Rapid industrialization and sprawling urbanization in emerging economies are major factors likely to drive growth of the regional gas charger market in recent years.

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However, outbreak of COVID-19 has abruptly paused development, and hence expansion of the gas charger market across the globe. Neither automobile nor gas charger is counted among prominent essentials. Hence, demand rate of gas chargers has declined significantly.

Unless, the pandemic is not over and the globe starts revolving, gas charger market is also likely to remain stagnant.

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