Wide Application in Multiple Industries to Expand of Telepresence Robotics Market Performance

Globally, the demand for telepresence robots has increased substantially, as it is widely used as factory inspectors, tour guides, and healthcare consultants. Rise in demand for teleconferences, proliferating demand for consumer, remote management of workforces, and personal telepresence robots has boosted demand in the global telepresence robotics market. Moreover, increasing application of telepresence robotics in retail, education, healthcare, and hospitality sectors, and others has further benefitted growth in this market.

Gradually, development-taking place existing telecommunication and robotics technology have increased the working of telepresence robotics beyond stationary video conferencing. On the other hand, lack of secure communication and common protocols might challenge the growth in this market. However, growing use of smartphones and technological innovation such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are expected to augmented demand in the global telepresence robotics market.

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Technological Advancements in Healthcare Sector to Increase Adoption of Telepresence Robotics

Technological developments have largely uplifted the healthcare sector, as helps in performing several tasks such as remote visiting, patient monitoring, reminding patients to take medicines on time and delivering medicines and food. It also helps in connecting doctors and nurses while performing surgical procedures or for any other medical assistance.

Another major advantage of using telepresence robotics is that it assists virtual communication among therapists, doctors, patients, and medical students located in different regions across the world. Telepresence robotics provides live broadcasting and HD audiovisual recording between medical students and doctors. In fact, the patients can share their health conditions and consult with doctors in real-time basis. All these factors are expected to bolster demand in the global telepresence robotics market.

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