WHO Creates Department of Digital Health

With rising integration of technology into healthcare, the World Health Organization (WHO) plans to create a Department of Digital Health. The objective is to seize the potential of digital health and innovation. Therefore, it will aid countries to integrate, assess, regulate, and take advantage of opportunities in digital technologies and artificial intelligence. Moreover, the division of the chief scientist will head the department who will set up numerous reforms that did not exist in the history of WHO.

An Impressive Crossroad for Future Health Care

The essence of enhancing digitization of healthcare systems began in a WHO event in Europe. Key stakeholders came together to create a network in advancing the use of digitization. Zsuzsanna Jakab, a former regional director in WHO said that digitization in healthcare will be highly adopted in European countries. Further, Jakab is the new WHO deputy director general.

The inclusion of digital technology at a mass level after all the seven major offices of WHO came to a common conclusion is a remarkable achievement. Further, they together identified the changes they need to make at all the three levels of WHO.

Digital development will include new data, analytics, and delivery to enhance storage, analysis, collection, and usage of data. Combination of these will lead to proper evaluation of policies changes in countries.

Artificial intelligence and digital advancements taking place in the healthcare sector are drastically changing health care. There will be significant changes in treatment, prevention, rehabilitation, and palliative care. Along with opportunities, there will be challenges to meet and policies to work beside it to attain maximum from digital tools for health.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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