When Fashion Meets Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence or AI is one of the most trending technologies these days. The technology allow the users to predict the outcome based on the pervious patterns. The technology finds its applications in industries like manufacturing, mining, oil and gas and retail. However, these days, the fashion industry is also incorporating artificial intelligence into its various verticals. The industry is making use of the technology to predict a type of cloth that might suit the buyer or at which period of year people do maximum of their shopping. With these advantages and growing application of artificial intelligence in fashion industry, the global AI in fashion market is growing exponentially.

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How AI is Transforming Fashion Industry?

There are number of applications through which AI is transforming the fashion market. For Instance, the automated dress selection is one of the most common application that uses AI in fashion market. Moreover, with the advanced algorithms of the technology, the data collection, processing, and visualization becomes extremely easy. With the help of AI the fashion market can create customer centric and customer specific strategies that shall help them grow substantially in the future.

Secondly, artificial intelligence can also predict the best time to start a deal or offer that shall result in maximum revenue for the business. This as result can help retailers, online and onsite to develop exciting brand promotion schemes. This consequently will attract new customers which will further result in better profit for the business. Additionally, from customer point-of-view, AI can predict the price fluctuations based on the sale and demand of the apparels in the market. As a result of these benefits, the global AI in fashion market is expected to witness a substantial growth in the coming years.

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So, this how AI is transforming fashion in industry and progressing the momentum of the global AI in fashion market.

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