Wheat Protein Market | Outbreak of Covid-19 Worldwide to Leave Positive Impact on the Market

Wheat proteins refer to plant-based proteins that are derived primarily by digesting wheat with various enzymes. Basically, these proteins are a form of insoluble functional protein with specific visco-elastic properties that give the product elasticity and extensibility. They are extensively employed in a variety of end-use sectors such as animal feed, cosmetics and personal care, baking and confectionery, and others as a feasible alternative to animal-based protein. The surge in demand for plant-based diets, as well as the expanding vegan population, is impacting the growth of the global wheat protein market.

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Growing Popularity of Veganism is Expected to Spur Demand for Wheat Protein

Furthermore, owing to the overwhelming popularity of veganism and vegetarianism, the demand for plant-based protein meals is rapidly increasingly worldwide.  With the increasing levels of income and increased expenditure on nutritious food items, the demand for protein components in the food and beverage sector has changed dramatically in terms of nutritional quality and content. The demand for supplement items has been trending, particularly amongst the fitness and sports enthusiasts. These factors are likely to work in favour of the global wheat protein market in the forthcoming years.

Gluten intolerance, often known as Celiac disease, is an autoimmune illness that destroys the lining of the small intestine and inhibits nutrients from being absorbed from foodstuff. Gluten, a kind of wheat protein that may also be found in oats rye, and barley causes the majority of the harm. However, even if they do not have Celiac disease, some people may feel gastrointestinal pain. ATIs (Amylase-trypsin-inhibitors), are a class of wheat proteins that may cause an immunological response. As such, it adds to the growth of non-celiac gluten sensitivity (NCGS). These factors play an important role in development of the global wheat protein market in the near future.

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The global wheat protein market has been severely impacted by the Covid-19 epidemic. Consumer knowledge of the pandemic’s effects on meat production grew, prompting them to switch to plant-based alternatives. Meat substitute brands’ sales increased manifolds as a result of the outbreak of Covid-19. As people strive for a better lifestyle, the pandemic has had an impact on sales of dairy substitutes, plant-based food items, and vitamins.

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