Weight-Loss in Diabetics could Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

A research published in the Journal of the American Heart Association reveals weight-loss factors in diabetics. The research finds that people suffering from type-2 diabetes may benefit from healthy weight-loss. The chances of cardiovascular problems reduce when people with type-2 diabetes lose weight. As a matter of fact, obesity is amongst the leading risk factors associated with type-2 diabetes. Under type-2 diabetes, the body fails to process blood sugar effectively. Doctors recommend dietary changes to control blood sugar levels in diabetics. However, another important reason behind the institution of dietary changes in diabetics is the need for weight-loss.

Effects of Weight-Loss in Diabetics

Weight loss reduces the risk of strokes and heart diseases in people suffering from type-2 diabetes. Moreover, other types of cardiovascular problems associated with high blood-sugar levels can also be controlled with weight-loss. The research suggests that reduction in risk of cardiovascular diseases is directly related to weight-loss in diabetics.

However, it is important to know what happens if diabetics regain weight over a course of time. Research from the Tufts University, Boston and University of Connecticut, Storrs look into this possibility. The researchers find that controlling weight-gain is as important as weight-loss in the first place. Regaining weight can expose diabetics to the risk of suffering cardiovascular diseases all over again. It important for diabetics to maintain low weight in order to avert heart diseases and strokes.

Premise of Research

The researchers studied data from the eating habits of 1,561 individuals suffering from type-2 diabetes. These people were part of a program aimed at weight-loss in diabetics. The researchers used health data from people who exhibited 3% weight-loss over a given period of time. The research followed an exhaustive set of rules to ensure accuracy of results. It is important to get the opinion of doctors and medical experts in regard to this research.

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