WD-40 Food Grade Market to See New Formulations With Higher Effectiveness and Safety

WD-40 food grade as a lubricant in the food processing and food handling applications. Continuous advances have been made in regard to chemistries for formulating WD-40. A wide range of chemistries used in WD-40 food grade has emphasized on making the lubricant non-toxic and with remarkable lubricating properties. Further, efforts have made in improving the corrosion properties of WD-40 over a wide range. Various types of certifications motivate the choice of WD-40 formulation, such as they are Kosher-certified, HALAL certified, and should comply with ISO certifications. Care should exercised by food and beverage processors to ensure that the chemical is safer even when incidental food contact is made.

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The growing demand for better formulations for cell sorting lines is a key driver for the expansion of the WD-40 food grade market. Strides made in the food processing industries in emerging economies of regions notably Asia have led processors to pay increased attention toward adopting safe as well as effective food grade lubricants in processing units. There is a perceptible rise in demand for such lubricants in China and India. Rising health awareness about the food processing technologies in the U.S. has added momentum to the growth of the WD-40 food grade market.

Large-Scale Processing of Food And Beverages Spurs Prospects The investments on large-scale processing of food is a key driver for growth in the WD-40 food grade market. A rise in consumer base preferring processed food has spurred the demand for such units, thereby fueling the demand for WD-40 food grade. Rise in demand for beverages and growing awareness about how they are processed are key determinants of adoption of better WD-40 food grade formulations. The food industry has ramped up their investments in research and development on processing consumables. Though synthetic formulations are picking up pace, naturals still are popular segment in the WD-40 grade market.

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