Wave Energy Device May Help Deliver Electricity in Thousand Homes

Engineers from the University of Edinburgh and Italy developed a device called Dielectric Elastomer Generator (DEG) that will provide low-cost electricity for thousands of houses. The study carried out in collaboration with Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Pisa in Italy and the Universities of Trento, Bologna. They have used wave energy technology that helps in generating electricity at a miniscule expense. Durable material is used in a device coupled with less moving parts which is cheaper in terms of traditional design.

DEG to Produce Clean Energy for Future Generation

This device is designed to help incorporate existing ocean energy systems and then convert wave power into electricity. When the engineers carried a small-scale experiment in an ocean simulator, it displayed that one full-size device could generate electricity for about 100 homes (i.e. 500kW). They also assured that their design is likely to be used in fleets due to its low-cost and easy maintenance in the sea for decades.

Engineers tested a lower version of the device in the FloWave area at the University of Edinburg. It showed that a 25m diameter circular tank could generate any amalgamation of ocean waves and currents. This system also has the potential to replace conventional designs having expensive moving parts and complex air turbines.

According to Prof. David Ingram, the use of this device is significant around Scotland’s coastline due to the availability of potential wave energy. It will help in producing clean energy for the coming generation.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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