Walmart Asks Delivers Employees to Make Delivers on their Way Home

In a new move to beat the intensifying competition, Walmart is initiating a program for its employees to earn little more while adding value to their delivery processes. To compete with Amazon’s incredible delivery services, Walmart is enlisting its employees to deliver goods on their way home from work. The idea is aimed at cutting delivery costs and helping the employees to improve their income. Marc Lore, chief executive of Walmart’s e-commerce business and the founder of stated that trucks used regular shipping could be used to bring the orders closer to their final destination, where the Walmart employee is and the same can be delivered to the consumer’s house.

Walmart’s Plans for Employees Raise Questions of Employee Abuse
The employees stand a chance to earn more through this voluntary program by getting paid overtime to make deliveries on their way. However, so far, there is no clarity on how the employees will be paid. Furthermore, this program raises questions such as should the employees be shouldering such risks, liability, and cost that comes with deliveries. If the company does not compensate for full journey, problems such as parking tickets, car depreciation, and gas it lead to abuse of employees.

Despite Walmart announcing its plans of raising employee salary by US$10 per hour, several employees are still struggling to make ends meet. Thus, despite this program being a voluntary one employees would opt for it as it would be a big chance to make an extra buck.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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