VR – Changing the Game in Reality Gaming

Since Pokemon Go, VR has caught on with the world rapidly. And, now people carrying electronic weapons are hardly a surprising scene to anyone. Prowling players, wearing headsets encased around, ducking and hitting the opponent is all something normal.

And now, with Paris Games Week around the corner, screens are installed for public to catch the action live. It is all a SmartVR Studio job where it plans to hold its first VR competition. To those in the know, it might be of interest to know that the game played is the much talked of After H.

Is the Hype Justified?

Industry Experts on the ground believe it to be Groundbreaking for how e-sports shape up in the times to come. But, it is important to note here, that it is ambiguous as to what level of radicalization is going to unveil.

But, in the words of Co-founder of SmartVR Studio, Jean Mariotte, – the future of e-sports is VR!

He further explains that it brings the oft craven fantasy of every player to fore. And, as dreams of gamers come to reality, new future dawns upon the gaming empire. And, he is so no not wrong here. For years now, people coveted the movements of game, imitated favorite players. And, now VR makes the right cut for them, intensifying the experience.

According to Laurent Michaud, Director of Research Idate, the gaming would be divided into before and after VR. As obvious, it is similar to the BC and AD dating system. If this doesn’t define an era transformation, it is difficult to grasp what really will.

To sum it up – VR made gaming spectacular. It not just allowed people autonomy to play with their personality but also express it succinctly. Basically, it brought dreams to life and technology such as this are here to stay.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

As Head of Marketing at TMR Research, Rohit brings to the table over a decade of experience in market research and Internet marketing. His dedication, perseverance, and passion for perfection have enabled him to achieve immense success in his field. Rohit is an expert at formulating new business plans and strategies to help boost web traffic. His interests lie in writing news articles on technology,healthcare and business.

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