Vision Care Market: Rising Cases of Vision-Related Problems Stoke Demand

San Francisco, California, January 29, 2019 : P Vision care or maintain eye health are the major concerns globally. Many vision-related diseases elevate the risk of significant vision loss or even blindness. Good vision eases out daily important activities such as reading, watching, and writing. These further helps in work, communication, health, developmental learning, which impacts in overall quality of life. Numerous factors such as pollution, chronic diseases, and unhealthy diets can affect in functioning of the eyes. Therefore, plenty of products and treatments are developed to control major vision related problems.

Going forward, the global vision care market is expected to grow at a solid pace. The market will be worth of US$64 bn by the end of 2023.

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Integrating Advanced Technology in Eye-care Products to Boost Vision Care Market

Rising cases of vision related problems, growing older population, and increasing usage of laptops, tablets, smartphones, and PCs in day-to-day lives are believed to be driving the global vision care market. People are suffering from various vision related problem apart from blindness such as myopia, retinal tears, macular edema, astigmatism, and diabetic retinopathy. Rising healthcare industry, growing demand from the population aged 65+ years, and rapid technological advancement in eye care products are expected to fuel the growth in the global vision care market.

Furthermore, growing advent of innovative product launches is also projected to propel the global vision care market. There are several products available for vision care such as glass lens, contact lens, contact lens solution, and IOLs. The incorporation of technology in the development of vision care products help in increasing efficiency, reduces overall cost, and improves quality and accuracy of the final product. Rising advanced medical treatment, growing demand for restoring normal vision with contact lenses or eye glasses, and cost effectiveness in using vision care products instead of LASIK eye surgery or other costly surgical procedures are also expected to be boosting the global vision care market.

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