Virtual Reality Primed to Change Contours of Healthcare Market with Cutting-edge Applications

Virtual reality, or VR, is generally associated by commoners like us with the genre of entertainment where it is known to create a highly immersive experience. However, its potential is not just limited to that – it is far more wide ranging. Healthcare, for example, is another sector where it can have possible disruptive applications with life-changing effects. Both patients and medical staff can benefit from it immeasurably.

Already a lot many applications of virtual reality in healthcare have shaken up the sector, particularly in the area of surgery, therapy procedures, education and training, and visualization. However, the market is still in its nascent stages and far from realizing its full potential. But with more game-changing products and applications coming up owing to continued thrust on cutting-edge research and development, the market is expected to explode in the next couple of years. 

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Virtual reality (VR) can help train healthcare professionals. Take for example complicated operations which trainee medical students need to master. Instead of peering over the shoulder of surgeons to understand the nitty-gritty of the process, they can easily use VR headsets to understand the minutest details in 3D image.

Currently such a technology is in the early stages of commercialization but experts predict it would gradually gain traction across medical schools and hospitals. Besides, VR can also be successfully leveraged to carry out remote operations. 

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One more promising area of application of virtual reality (VR) in healthcare is in rectifying low vision. It is a type of visual impairment caused either by age, injury, disease, or disorder. Low vision cannot be undone through surgery, glasses, or medicine. Hence, up until now patients had no choice but to live with it. Not anymore.

With a product named IrisVision, which banks upon VR, people afflicted with low vision can now regain their sight. It enables them to magnify desired objects without losing awareness of the surrounding environ. It also enables users to carry out eye-hand coordinated activities such as scrambling eggs or playing the piano.

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