Virtual Classrooms to shown New Potential with Advances made in Synchronous Technologies

Virtual classroom has taken education to a new tangent, opening a new diaspora in synchronous learning. Virtual learning environments has prospered markedly on the back of diverse needs of worldwide students’ communities. Growing utilization of multiple synchronous technologies, most notably artificial intelligence and VR, confers real-time capabilities to students to engage in interactive learnings. The online world of education pivots on transformative potential of learning that virtual classrooms come with.

Virtual classrooms continue to unlock new value in collaborative learning by leveraging the technical competencies of web conferencing, live streaming, web-based VoIP, and video conferencing. The growing popularity of mobile-optimized virtual learning continues to add considerable momentum in the virtual classroom market.

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Leveraging AI and VR to unveil Advanced and Innovative Virtual Classroom Platforms

The strides made by virtual reality technologies, coupled with the advent of customized computer programs, have been behind the inclusion of new communities of students. A recent case in point (April 2019) is designing virtual classrooms for children with autism and attention deficit disorder. A professor from the Kennesaw State University intensively researching on new potential in virtual classrooms is in the process of developing a therapeutic method based on virtual classroom to help children autism spectrum disorder (ASD) learn. The researcher is optimistic of the capabilities of virtual reality and a custom-built computer program to improve the learning outcomes in such children.

Growing popularity of app-driven virtual classrooms is a key factor is helping the global education industry to tread exciting trajectory by leveraging their potential in emerging markets, such as in Asia. Stakeholders are benefitting from the fact that customized online blended learning course gathering steam.

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A case in point is the recent launch of a customized online blended learning course for IELTS test takers in India. The product is expected to increase substantially the accessibility of learning and help aspirants build on their test-taking skills.

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