Veritas Releases CloudPoint 2.0, Certified for Google Cloud Platform

The much awaited announcement of Veritas CloudPoint 2.0 has been made, which is the second release from Veritas Technologies’ snapshot-based data protection platform and contains certification for the Google’s Cloud Platform. The new released will be adding enhanced data protection to native snapshot abilities of Google, enabling customers to join-in with simplest of methods and improved search capabilities. In addition to that, CloudPoint 2.0 will also offer improved protection for new workloads as well as application in multi-cloud environment.

The two companies, Google Inc. and Veritas Technologies, had entered into a strategic partnership about a year ago and since then, the latter has unveiled a number of technology integrations in order to enhance data management proficiency of Google’s cloud platform. In the recent past, a number of small and medium enterprises are opting for Google Cloud essentially for its core infrastructure, machine learning abilities, and data analytics.

Veritas CloudPoint 2.0 is anticipated to be a true multi-cloud solution for the enterprises, exclusively built for the cloud that can automate discoveries and protect Google’s cloud workloads. More consistency in terms of application is intended as while indexing for single file restores, search abilities will be made easy. In addition to that, strict government regulation requirements are also expected to be met by CloudPoint 2.0.

With CloudPoint 2.0, organizations stand to gain benefits such as simplified data protection, reduced compliance risk, and advanced disaster recovery and workload support. In addition to that, customers will be able to integrate their NetBackup software with the new platform.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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