Vaccine platform ADDOmer develops COVID-19 vaccine candidates

As the novel coronavirus pandemic disrupts lives across the country at a rapid rate. In contrast, various treatments and vaccine testing are proving to be silver linings amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

Imophoron, a UK-based biotech company has recently announced that it has produced COVID-19 vaccine candidates on the basis ADDomer, its new vaccine platform. Imophoron has teamed up with Bristol University’s COVID-19 Emergency Research Group for vaccine development. Furthermore, the biotech company is also searching partners to fast track COVID-19 candidates’ development and ADDomer.

What is the ADDomer platform?

ADDOmer is a platform by Imophoron that is a self-assembling, synthetic, and nature-inspired virus-like particle (VLP). ADDomer is currently at the pre-clinical stage. Therefore it needs to be studied in human clinical trials the moment it is done with the pre-clinical trials.

What is Imophoron exactly doing?

Imophoron is in the process of developing a quick feedback platform for vaccines to tackle infectious diseases. A major advantage of this development is the rate at which the candidate vaccines can be recognized and manufactured in huge quantities.

According to Imophoron co-founder Imre Berger, Imophoron’s vaccines present only specific parts of the spike protein required for cell entry. Therefore, this vaccine is less risky as other vaccines present a complete spike to the immune system.

In addition, Imophoron’s vaccines require no refrigeration and are very stable. Therefore, this enables the worldwide distribution of the vaccine without any limitations. Furthermore, the high specificity of the vaccine particles ensures low side-effects risk as seen in some new vaccines.
The potential vaccines will be ready for testing within two weeks according to Imophoron CEO, Frederic Garzoni. Such technologies will tackle the COVID-19 pandemic with full force. Furthermore, it ensures major health resolvance caused by pandemics such as COVID-19.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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