Using Wireless Signals to Study Human Health and Behavioural Tendencies

Wireless signals are an important part of the automation ecosystem around us. Our bodies are constantly in contact with these signals that reverberate around us. Researchers at MIT are aiming to leverage these signal to understand human health and behavioural tendencies. This research is expected to provide scientists with key insights about human health. The researchers have developed a system named ‘Marko’ that dispels radio frequencies into the surrounding. The low power of the radio frequencies makes them virtually harmless for humans. If a signal bounces off a moving human, it returns back to the system with certain changes.

Specifics of the System

Algorithms embedded in the system can analyse the returning signals to decode customer propensities. The system can therefore be used to study patterns of movement in humans. These patterns can be synchronised with other key data to understand human interactions. Furthermore, the interaction between humans and their immediate environment can also be analysed through these patterns. The researchers have demonstrated the advantages of the system in six key locations. These locations include three apartments, two advanced living facilities, and a townhouse. The research indicates the system’s ability to study human behaviours solely on the basis of wireless signals. Besides, the system can help in distinguishing individuals from one another.

System Testing

With due permission from family members, a patient suffering from dementia was used to test the credibility of the system. The patient was prone to being agitated for trivial reasons. This test helped the researchers in determining the system’s extent of accuracy.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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