Using Stem Cells to Treat and Control Covid-19 Pneumonia

Following the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, several research centers are looking for effective antidotes to kill the virus. Dr. Jin is an international researcher who leveraged the power of stem cells to save lives. Dr. Jin’s laboratory collaborated with the Health Science Center of the University of North Texas through ‘WeChat’.  This enabled experts from China to share their insights about the novel corona virus and initiate a potential treatment. Dr. Jin has been working on stem cells and their functionalities for over 20 years. He has trained several students and research scholars in stem cell therapies. Stem cells have come in handy to fight strokes and other related disorders.

Decoding the Research Line

Dr. Jin, along with his team, used an unconventional approach to treat Covid-19 pneumonia. They sought to test if stem cells could strengthen a person’s immunity to fight this pneumonia. They refrained from focusing on the next Tamiflu, and concentrated on immunity improvement schemes. Dr. Jin reveals that the project has fetched promising results, and they continue their research with more patients. The most laudable part of the new treatment line is the potential to treat Covid-19 pneumonia in the elderly. Dr. Jin asserts that intravenous infusion of stem cells of could safely treat patients with Covid-19 pneumonia.

Real-Time Research Functions for Faster Processing

Dr. Jin’s team worked with real-time technologies, appreciating the urgency of the problem at hand. Covid-19 poses a risk to the lives of people around the globe. This sense of urgency prompted the researchers to expedite their research. As a part of initial research and testing, seven severely-ill patients in Beijing were injected with stem cells. Another three patients were injected with placebos.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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