Using Newspaper to Develop Carbon Nanotubes for Electronic Devices

A new research finds that the surface of old newspapers is suitable to develop nanotubes. The research is a collaborative effort of Rice University and Swansea University’s Energy Safety Research Institute (ESRI). Newspapers could be an eco-friendly and economic material for growing carbon nanotubes on a humongous scale. According to the research, single walled nanotubes are easy to lay across the surface of newspapers.

 Additionally, the relevance of carbon nanotubes in the electronics industry has led to several key research experiments.  These nanotubes come in handy for developing conductive films used in flexible electronics and touchscreen displays. Moreover, use of carbon nanotubes lies for fabrics for developing 5G antennas. The MDPI Journal-C published the findings of the research.

 Overcoming the Odds

 The journal includes a detailed explanation of the methodology used to develop these nanotubes. The journal also includes Information related to the high costs and difficulties involved in large-scale production of nanotubes. The researchers believe that the use of newspapers for developing nanotubes could fetch multiple benefits. Primarily, manufacturers can bypass the cost of developing a suitable surface that can aid the growth of carbon nanotubes. Furthermore, the new method can help in overcome challenges of currently used single-surface growth methods.

 Advantages of Newspaper over Traditional Surfaces

 The researchers find that the large surface of newspapers offers chemical viability for developing carbon nanotubes. Therefore, stacking newspapers can help in 2D surface development of nanotubes. However, all newspapers are not suitable developing carbon nanotubes, say researchers. Newspaper made from kaolin produced favorable results for nanotube growth. Kaolin is China Clay that is used for several other chemical processes. It would be interesting to see the extent of adoption of the new research in modern-day manufacturing.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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