Using New Blood-Collection Device to Estimate Exposure to Nuclear Radiation

A team of researchers have developed a unique self-run device for blood collection. The device is capable of estimating body exposure to harmful radiations. In the event of a nuclear attack or accident, the device can quickly estimate the level of exposure. A nuclear attack or accident can have harmful consequences for the victims. However, the effects of being exposed to harmful nuclear radiations become evident after a period of time. A substantial amount of time is lost due to the delay in expression of effects. Therefore, there is a need to get an immediate idea about radiation exposure during nuclear attacks.

Quick and Easy Analysis

Researchers from the Arizona College of Medicine pioneered the development of the device. Scientists from the Center for Applied NanoBioscience and Medicine (ANBM) were also involved in the research. It was published in an open-access journal, PLOS ONE, on the 16th of October. A nuclear or radiological event requires quick recourse on the part of medical experts. The new device could help these experts in quickly evaluating the adverse impact of medical radiation. Several entities, including the US Department of Health and Human Services, have been looking for similar solutions. Countermeasures to avert undue radiations are an important part of radiology.

Opinions of Medical Experts

In the event of a nuclear attack, thousands of people need to be simultaneously screened for radiations. Hence, the blood-collection device is an important development on the part of medical research. The use of 3D printing to develop the device was a core highlight of the research project.

Several medical practitioners have hailed the new device as a utility-driven concept. Furthermore, doctors have lauded the ways in which the device would collect and analyse blood specimens. Gene expression biodosimetry and cytogenetics are important components of the process blood testing and analysis.

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