Using Artificial Intelligence to Make Weather Forecasts

The use of artificial intelligence technologies is gradually spanning into a range of industries. Researchers and scientists have watermarked multiple AI parameters that hold relevance for multiple industries. A recent study finds that artificial intelligence technology could be used for making weather forecasts. The use of data channels and computerized models to track the movement of clouds is a common practice. These channels can also be used to predict the occurrence of severe storms. However, with growing size of weather data sets, it has become difficult to predict all potential storms. Moreover, small-scale storms are often overlooked while making real-time predictions. Hence, the new study aims to ease the prediction of storms of multiple types and capacities. The study was spearheaded by researchers from University of Almeria, Spain and Penn State.

New Systems for Weather Predictions

The researchers developed a computer system based on machine learning classifiers. This system can track the motion of clouds based on satellite imaging. Smaller clouds remain untracked within traditional weather forecast systems, and the nascent system can fix this anomaly. The system is based on optimal utilization of data in order to improve results. The researchers believe that the accuracy of forecasts can be increased by analysing smaller clouds.

Research Sample

The researchers studied a total of 50,000 satellite images in order to get closer to improved forecast systems. Coma-shaped clouds are extremely important for gauging the overall impact of a potential storm. This factor was taken into consideration by the researchers involved in the study. The new system could largely aid industries and sectors that rely on daily weather forecasts.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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