Using 12-Bit Thin Films for Data Transfer across Touchscreen Devices

Thin Films

A research conducted in Belgium finds new methods of transferring data across touchscreen devices. The research team is from imec, and has tapped into the relevance of touchscreen technologies to accomplish their research. Meanwhile, the growing use of touchscreen technology has made it one of the most efficient modes of communication with browsers. Integration of touchscreen pads in home appliances is the latest development to this end. Thereafter, the researchers analyzed the ability of internet-connected devices to enable swift transfer of data using batteries or photovoltaic cells. The research demonstrated how a thin, 12-bit identification film can be used for capacity coupled data transfer. The findings of the research published in Nature Electronics journal. The research expected to gather the attention of several manufacturers of touchscreen devices.

Importance of Using RFID Tags

The primary focus of the research is in the domain of flexible electronics for internet of things (IoT). The researchers work towards embedding RFID tags or thin-film circuits in electronic objects to observe the action that follows. The communication between NFC readers/RFIDs and the embedded tags can be duly analyzed in such a setting. Furthermore, the researchers also worked towards expanding the number of readers attached to the system. However, the pervasiveness of touchscreens over RFID readers led researchers to deploy thin-film chips for analyzing data transfer.

Analysis and Findings

The research team collaborated with a renowned manufacturer of board games, Cartamundi. The team developed an app that can detect the event of touching a screen, and the successive parameters it could measure. They finally developed an identification tag placed on the screen to run it through the app. The app gave information about swipe events and data points that were touched through the tag. This led the researchers to understand the potential of data transfer across smart phones.

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