Use of Quantum Technologies for Medical Imaging and Diagnostics

Quantum technologies are at the forefront of growth and advancement across a plethora of industries. Physicists have testified quantum technologies as a utilitarian pretext to develop new theories. Moreover, the advent of quantum computers is making positive interventions in the domain of electronics and communications. Henceforth, the relevance of quantum physics in the contemporary scenario cannot be undermined. However, quantum technologies still remain largely underutilised in the medical industry. This trend can be reversed by developing new means for leveraging quantum works in the field of medicine. The Quantum Technologies Flagship Program of the European Union focuses on popularising quantum medicine. The program lays optimal emphasis on developing diagnostic technologies through the use of quantum physics. Several other projects and initiatives are also an active part of the program.

Improvements in Medical Imaging

The medical fraternity acknowledges the utility of medical imaging in several healthcare domains. Hence, several European countries are focusing on developing medical imaging tools with the help of quantum technologies. Moreover, the quantum sensors have also emerged as important devices within the medical fraternity. These devices can measure micro-parameters in medicine and other domains. The small size and usability of these devices makes them fit for usage in the healthcare sector.

Use of Quantum Technology in Cardiac Imaging

The field of cardiology is amongst the most critical domains within medicine. Hence, the ability of quantum technologies to facilitate cardiac imaging is a consideration for doctors. It is expected that the use of quantum technologies in medicine would open new diagnostic and treatment avenues.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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