Use of Probiotics in Modifying the Gut Microbiome boosts Digestive Health Supplements Market

Digestive Health Supplements Market

Digestive health supplements have gained acceptance among population in managing chronic gastrointestinal disorders. Most notably, they have leveraged the potential of the gut microbiota for various difficult-to-manage gastrointestinal and digestive problems. Functional food makers have leveraged digestive health supplements in managing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) and in treating conditions characterized by the low production of digestive enzymes naturally.

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Functional Food Manufacturers Pitch for Scientific Backing for Products

Developing as well developed regions have seen the vast uptake of over-the-counter (OTC) digestive enzyme supplements in recent years. However, the uptake isn’t steady as many don’t stand up to their promise or are plainly addictive or habit-forming substances bereft of clinical benefits. Functional food manufacturers are trying hard to attract prospective consumers by promoting these as scientifically-backed products. Further, market players of all hues are highlighting the holistic care that probiotic bacteria may bring. However, more such studies need to be done so that these can have scientific standing.

The growing role of probiotics in modifying the gut microbiome has been associated with vast health benefits. Life sciences companies are projecting them as functional food that can help people manage chronic inflammatory diseases, especially among older adults. They are incorporating ingredients with novel mode of action on the gut microbiome. Studies are ongoing to back the claims of these actions scientifically.

Increasing Understanding of Microbial Species Underlie New Prospects

Over the years, the digestive health supplements market has witnessed new potential from substantial understanding of microbial species and their mechanism in treating disease conditions. This is helping them to offer products to treat conditions such as diarrhea. Growing popularity of IBD and IBS is boosting research in the market.

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On the regional front, Asia Pacific has been showing striking potential in the global digestive health supplements market. The prospects are fueled by upsurge in investments in finding functional food ingredients on chronic inflammatory and digestive diseases among the worldwide population.

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