Use of Data-Centric Healthcare Exchange for Better Patient Care

Healthcare Information Exchange (HEI) is a nascent technology that aims at building trust between patients and doctors. In an attempt to improve patient care, Holston Medical Group, Tennessee, North Carolina, proposes a technology that records instances of medical care. Further, the company partnered with OnePartner Group, a technology and healthcare transformation entity.

The technology enables healthcare providers to view medical-care history of patients, irrespective of treatment facility. The Chief Information Officer at Holston Medical Group, Web Combs, first proposed the concept of HIE.

Initially, investments in HIE meant strengthening relationships and improving communication between patients and doctors. Further, Holston Medical Group, in 2012, claimed that the healthcare industry would undergo value-based transformations in the following years. Considering the forward-thinking approach of the group, it was legit to second the claims. However, the company viewed value-based care as an opportunity for lucrative growth. Combs, on the contrary, emphasized on managing heterogenous patient populations and educating them on healthcare spending.

Identifying Flaws in Data Transmission

After assaying the key factors, Holston Medical Group identified the need for a data-based approach to manage HEI. The company has been unsuccessful in running its HEI model in Appalachia region due to poor data transmission. They used faxing, one of the most outdated modes of data transmission. The company was quick to identify its shortfalls with data management, and sought a recourse. They resolved to develop a safe channel for storing and aggregating patient data. Furthermore, it was important to ensure that the records were accessible by other providers of medical care.

OnePartner’s Solution

The most urgent need for retrieving patient-care information is during medical examination. This is because the patients need to be educated on a possible line of treatment that can comfort them. OnePartner’s electronic health record system can help doctors to that end, revealed Combs. The system enables doctors to bypass log-in details, multiple portals, and tally management.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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