Use in Natural Cosmetics and Nutraceuticals Key Revenue Generators for Botanical Ingredients Market

Botanical ingredients were once novel raw materials for industries to manufacture their products. Over the years, they have been increasingly being mainstreamed. Businesses are tapping into the rising consumer popularity of plant-based products to meet their demand for natural products.

The most robust drive for the botanical ingredients market has stemmed from the demand for natural cosmetics, especially skincare products. The ‘connection to nature’ is perhaps a veritable business proposition for marketing their products. Several skincare product-manufacturing companies in the developed world are trying to capitalize on the growing demand for botanical extracts for antiaging effects. The popularity has been recently fast spreading to developing economies. Cosmetic companies are keen on increasing the safety of these ingredients in wide range of personal care products.

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Skincare Products Containing Botanicals Gather Steam in Asia Pacific

The use of botanical oils in nutraceuticals is a key channel for reaping into opportunities. Strides being made by natural cosmetics and nutraceuticals in managing various disease conditions has spurred interest and investment in the botanical ingredients market. Consumers have become increasingly conscious about what goes on the surface of their skin and inside them, with natural products high on priority. The growing demand for botanical tea in worldwide population, especially in Asian economies, is bolstering the utilization of botanical ingredients. 

Rise in popularity of organic products has also imparted a big momentum to the evolution of the botanical ingredients market. Among the various geographical markets, Asia Pacific has seen remarkable revenue generation potential in the past few years. A great deal of the growth momentum has been generated by the rise in consumer popularity of natural cosmetics such as skincare products that contain numerous botanical ingredients. This popularity is pervasive across demographics. Cosmetic companies are leaning on promoting their products in various media, which also lends some momentum.

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