Understanding the Global Ewing’s Sarcoma Treatment Market – Drivers, Regional Analysis and Forecast

The global Ewing’s Sarcoma market is set to chart a robust CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate over the coming period, primarily owing to rise in awareness about the disease and treatment options available. It is worth mentioning here that the treatment options are increasing in number and effectiveness, alleviating suffering of many.

And, the effectiveness can be gauged from the improvement in survival rate, particularly in the 5-year period. It is now an impressive 78 percent. Besides, in children, mortality due to the monster of a disease has gone down by 50%.

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The environment in the market is marked by growing investment in research and development. Keen focus is on developing new therapies and treatments and these are an outcome of efforts directed towards research in cytogenetics, tissue culture and even immunohistochemical markers.

Discovery and effective use of drugs Metyrapone and mifepristone has been substantial in this regard as it proved to be a fruitful blocking agent as it prevented the cancer to move from bone to lungs. It should be noted here that in the same research, scientists could also zero down some signature genes that would help identify potential victims of the cancer. This way, they would be encouraged to go through regular screenings. The research would also assist in forecasting the spread of disease in a patient.

In terms of regional break down, it should be noted that North America will hold a dominant position, along with Europe, owing to high awareness levels and high levels of income to expend towards treatment. Besides, these are regions where health insurance coverage is significant and governments are amply involved.

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Another region that will generate significant growth opportunities is the Asia Pacific (APAC). The growth here will be attributed to rising incomes, access to healthcare and awareness levels about the disease.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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