Unable to Uptake Natural Nutrients from Soil, Agricultural Sector Depends on Foliar Fertilizer

San Francisco, California, 16 July, 2018: The possibility of the Global Foliar Fertilizer Market is quite high in the coming years, based on the benefits that the fertilizer provides, reports TMR Research in their report titled “Foliar Fertilizer Market: Global Industry Analysis 2013 – 2017 and Opportunity Assessment, 2018 – 2028”. Fertilizers and Pesticides are the important component when it comes for agriculture. In last fifty years the market has witnessed a soaring demand of fertilizers and pesticides from the agriculture sector. Fertilizers help in increasing soil fertility while providing vital nutrients to the crops or plants as well as the soil.

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Foliar fertilizer, natural soil fertility, and fertilizers which are added to the soils are three different type ways in which plants obtain their natural nutrients. Foliar fertilizer uses direct application of fertilizer to the plants and crops which provide vital nutrients to them. Rise in soil complications leads to the increase in the growth of global foliar fertilizer as fertilizer substitutes for natural plant nutrient.

Foliar finds its application as the most used liquid fertilizers for its easy use. Increase in waterlogged soil because of improper drainage system and increased level of pH caused by toxic waste produced by factories reduce the extraction of nutrient for plants from soil, addition of foliar fertilizer would help the plant to grow again. Factors such as lack of other nutrient supplement and plant diseases are tail-winding the growth of the market at an exponential rate.

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Rapid plant growth, augmented nutrient absorption and increased efficiency are the major reasons foliar is popularizing among agricultural sector. Asia Pacific is the larger and faster growing market among the other region. Some of the major players in the global foliar fertilizer market are Yara international ASa, Best Enviornmental Technologies, OMEX Agriculture, Alipine, COMPO EXPERT, and AGRA Group.

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