Ultra Processed Food Impacts Health: Study

A recent French study analyzes the consumption of ultra-processed food and its effects on health. Further, it determines link between ultra-processed foods and death. However, further research could help understand what plays a crucial role in impacting health of a person. Mathilde Touvier from the Paris 13 University led the research on nutritional epidemiology.

Socio-Economic Factors Result in Excessive Consumption of Ultra-Processed Food

The objective of the study was to find the relation between diet and disease in a detailed manner because the results of such studies are frequently misinterpreted. Therefore, it took seven years to identify that 10% increase in ultra-processed food increases mortality rate 15%. However, the study mentions that further research could help establish concrete correlation.
Ultra-processed food comes under group four of NOVA food classification system of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization. Further, the product comes with additives and requires a higher heating temperature. Moreover, these products are low on vitamins, but high sugar and salt content. Researchers also noted that heavy consumption of these foods leads to cancer in many cases.

Furthermore, socio-economic reasons (an invisible factor) also play a crucial role in increasing consumption of ultra processed food. As a result, the study states that people in the lower economic strata and those living away from family prefer such products.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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