U.S. Housing Department Investigating Facebook’s Ad Policies

In today’s virtual world, advertising plays a significant role in pursuing and changing one’s belief about something. Be it fashion trends, living standards or economic status, all are persuasive through advertisements. It is relatable to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s ongoing investigation into Facebook’s advertising policies. HUD is also investigating Twitter and Google housing ad policies, as they don’t want others to catch up on similar grounds on which Facebook is being investigated.

Demographics Used as a Medium to Show Housing Ads

These investigations were initiated after Facebook started discriminating people depending upon their demographics. Due to these practices, HUD charged Facebook with housing discrimination and stated that social media platform encouraged housing discrimination through ad targeting. They also made sure that none of the other social media platforms could pass through a similar matter of investigation going on for Facebook.

Assuring on these claims, customer protection is a crucial factor behind Google policies. Moreover, advertisements shown on their platform ensure the safety of their customers. Twitter also confirmed advertisement on their platform and they enforce their policies rigorously.

Adding further, the department accused Facebook of allowing advertisers to prohibit certain people from viewing these ads. It included non-Christians people born outside the US, parents, and people interested in Hispanic culture. Nonetheless, Facebook representative showed opposition towards HUD’s decision. The company’s spokesperson added that they have been working and taking significant steps to prevent ads discrimination.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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