U.S. Blood Pressure Guidelines are Questionable, States New Study

In a study, conducted by a team working with Prof. Karl-Heinz Ladwig researchers from the Technical University of Munich have come up with entirely new conclusion. They stated that treating patients with blood pressure earlier could negatively affect patient mental health and doesn’t reduce the risk of heart diseases. This analysis came after the American College of Cardiology provided a new guideline for high blood pressure for stage 1 hypertension. In this stage, patients whose blood pressure lies between 130-139 mmHg and 80-89 mmHg require treatment by doctors. Whereas, according to the European Society of Cardiology, patients under this category do not require any specific treatment.

Early Diagnoses Mostly Have Minimal Effects of Patients

Prof. Karl-Heinz explains that the intention behind the U.S. guidelines is to curb blood pressure at the earliest. This will encourage patients to adopt a healthier lifestyle. However, he also stated that this motivational factor is controversial, as most of the people are not ready to change their lifestyle despite the diagnosis. Stage 2 hypertension is the stage where both the U.S. and the European guidelines recommend medication, but not in stage 1 hypertension. This is because CVD mortality risk was found to be not high in people with normal blood pressure.

Depression Plays a Contrary Role for People with High Blood Pressure

Contrary to the common notion, the incidence of depression is lower among the population set with very high blood pressure. Depression was high among the people who were taking medicines to treat hypertension. Moreover, Ladwig said that when people are informed about the sickness, it somewhere affects their mental wellbeing. Ladwig has also proved this in his previous study that showed mortality risk from cardiovascular disease and found that depression risk is linked to obesity or high cholesterol.

Therefore, it will be a serious mistake to adopt the U.S. guidelines in Europe, according to Ladwig.

Author: Rohit Bhisey

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