Type-1 Diabetes Affects Cognitive and Behavioral Abilities of Children

Research conducted at Stanford University School of Medicine points to the brain functionalities of children with type-1 diabetes. Researchers find that children with type-1 diabetes exhibit substantial differences in brain functionality compared to children without it. Although the differences are subtle and shrouded, they still have an effect on the overall brain functions. The study decodes the brain functionality and cognitive vulnerabilities of children with type-1 diabetes. The researchers used magnetic imaging resonance scans to study the activity of the brain. Children with diabetes exhibited abnormal brain activity patterns that are characteristic of several other disorders. These disorders include multiple sclerosis, concussion, and hyperactivity disorder.

The findings of the research were published in PLOS Medicine on 9th or December. The study is the first attempt to study the cognitive behavior of children suffering from type-1 diabetes.

 Understanding the Effects of Type-1 Diabetes

The study finds that children with prolonged type-1 diabetes exhibited more severe abnormal brain activity. Besides, incidence of type-1 diabetes significantly affects efficiency of the brain. Researchers acknowledge the efforts of endocrinologists in treating and controlling type-1 diabetes in children. However, they still believe that these children are at a risk of developing cognitive and behavioral abnormalities due to their disease.

 Relation Between Glucose Level and Brain Activity

 Children suffering from diabetes exhibit rapid fluctuations in glucose levels. Since glucose is directly related to brain activity, it is understandable to see its effects on cognitive patterns. Furthermore, glucose is also needed for the brain cells to function properly. Previous studies have also pointed to mild cognitive impairments in children with type-1 diabetes. However, this was the first attempt to decode the entire mechanism of brain functionality of children with type-1 diabetes.

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