Trifluralin Market Projected to Grow With its Increased Application in Agricultural Industry

The trifluralin market has been anticipated to expand at a significant speed throughout the forecast period. The growth avenues in the global market are attributed to the increasing use of trifluralin as an inhibitor against the growth of weed. In addition to this, trifluralin is used at an increased rate in the agricultural industry in recent years. Thus, based on these factors, the trifluralin market has been estimated to experience novel expansion opportunities in the coming years.

Trifluralin is helpful in order to control germination in various types of broadleaf weeds through restraining the division of the cell. It also interrupts mitosis at the time of development of roots. Further, herbicide also interferes with the synthesis process of protein ropes that are helpful to separate chromosomes during the cell division process. In the majority of the cases, trifluralin is commonly used as a pre-emergent herbicide. Thus, based on these increasing applications, the trifluralin market has been estimated to experience demand avenues in the near future.

Certain studies have been conducted about the effectiveness of trifluralin. It has been studied that trifluralin is capable to cling with substandard water solubility and organic matter and it could affect its use and efficacy. But, on the flip side, increased application of trifluralin is predicted to stimulate expansion opportunities in the global market.  


Trifluralin Market: Factors Affecting Growth Avenues

There are a few factors that are likely to restrict the growth prospects in the trifluralin market in the near future. For instance, European Union has banned the application of trifluralin in their area. This ban is due to the risk associated with the application of trifluralin to fish and some other aquatic species due to the high toxicity of herbicide. In addition to this, there are a lot of substitutes to trifluralin that are available in the market. Thus, owing to these crucial factors, the trifluralin market is likely to grow at a sluggish speed in the coming years.

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